Something For the Freaks

I don’t watch TV at all so I missed something really great that came out 10 years ago. I know most of my friends too have never heard of this series because it was out less than a blink of a season. But in less than a month, it’s finally started to vibrate and multiply rapidly amongst the real cats this show was originally catered to. TEN years later!

The show is called Freaks & Geeks. I just got turned onto it by my one of my friends and I’ve been hooked ever since. If you want to know what it was like for a freak or geek growing up in America, then you have to get these DVDs. Seriously you guys, it struck a sentimental chord with me and I want all the cool kids of my generation to watch these shows. If you grew up in the Midwest, then this show will hit you harder because it all takes place in Michigan! They mention all the streets, the hang out spots, the Denny’s all-niters…everything! This show can get you down sometimes because it really serves as a connection to the past but still I’m always feening for more episodes.

It does make sense why it was pulled from the air. One, it’s so fucking true to the core. Two, at the time it came out, the people it really appealed to were already freaks -just finishing high school, finishing college, or already had a start in the real world to even care about the freaks on TV. It makes sense. We were all still freaks growing up!

This show I hold close to my heart because it is a well-documented program of my life, my friends, and our lifestyle. It captured glimpses of the punk rock scene, but not so much the skating side mostly because it took place in the 80s, before the skate movement hit the Midwest hardcore. Every person in the episode is a replica of some kid I hung out with. I was a freak! Blue hair, baseball jerseys, skate jeans and shoes, and that I want to die – this all sucks- I’m so bored – attitude. I’ve got the whole series on me to watch on my laptop on the plane and for all those downtime moments. If you like the Wonder Years, this is an extension of it. It’s a 1000X better in my book! Props to those who tried to actually bring some real magic to U.S. crap TV. This series is so brilliantly written. If anybody can locate an actual script from the show for me, please write me and tell me. I need to study that thing. I have 2 shows to pitch to HBO in the fall! That show gave me so much inspiration to write again. Watch it!

Cool Cat Rehab

I booked a trip late last year to go find a new home along the Mediterranean. LA living is not for me and I don’t plan on staying in the US much longer after I’m done doing what I set out to do! So since I already have places in Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt, I figured the best place to start is to build around the coast of Spain, Greece, and the islands in-between. That way, it would be easy for me to jump on a boat from home to home. I’ve been everywhere in the world and the Mediterranean is where my soul vibrates.

Alexandria, Egypt is noted for having the best climate in the world. It’s also my heart’s home and where I go off to re-fuel when I need to regenerate. One of my missions in life is to set up an inspirational getaway for complex creatives like me who enjoy the simple life without much burden. Since I’ve moved to Los Angeles, I haven’t been fully able to pursue my creative talents. Something about the city creates serious congestion and brain jams for me. I don’t feel the right vibe to work on music, film, or even paint. But somehow when I land in Egypt, it all comes back to me. I get flooded with creative electricity. For that reason, what started off as a solo soul-searching journey, has now become a group rehab clinic for some of my homies. I have 14 people setting sail with me from the Port of Miami, another 8 meeting up in Ibiza, then 3 in Morocco and 9 flying straight to Alexandria.

The crazy part is a lot of them had less than a month to plan. Some are just abandoning their jobs and all responsibilities. Even though our country won’t verbally admit it, we are in a recession. The American dollar was trading below the Canadian at one point, and the Japanese are unloading our bills like there’s no tomorrow. Even though some of us are doing fine, the job market is a lot worse than before. You don’t feel it as much if you’re in business for yourself and doing well or have a solid job. The harsh reality is the US won’t tell people that the country is currently being sold beneath our feet. It’s hard to remain optimistic if you’re intelligent.

Save your pennies for a rainy day. There is no point investing in property now, when prices are bound to drop again and again. Seek residencies outside of the U.S as a back-up plan. Now is a good time for THAT. It really sucks when Europeans visiting me tell me they won’t stay in the U.S because things are looking dangerous and scary, when four years ago these same cats were asking me if I could help them get a green card!

The more our country sells more of itself, the less value America and our dollar is to the rest of the world. Remember that. Traveling with dollars in my pocket isn’t going to be comforting like it was before that’s for sure. Life wasn’t meant to be a serious hustle and for those that are hustling hard, then you need a change of location. There are some sweet spots in the world, almost like heaven, that are easy-going, have good energy, the air moves, and the food and vibe are delicious. Opportunities are out there if you are willing to go find them.

My friends traveling with me are all seeking hope. Some have great companies and jobs, but lack spiritual fulfillment. While others are artists seeking inspiration, some are just tired and bored with their daily routines. Now is the time to change everything you don’t like about your life. Sadly, it takes drastic circumstances to force change, but start taking little steps towards where it is you want to go starting TODAY. I just got done packing up my apartment with no plan on what to do when and if I return. I have responsibilities and commitments too, but I’m my number one at the moment. I can’t be good to anybody or any responsibility if I’m miserably wilting inside and my talents have no outlet. So the best strategy is to JUST FUCKING DO IT.

Jumping on a boat for 2 weeks is my way of cutting out cigarettes and weed for good. If I want some, then I’ll have to jump off the boat and swim a thousand miles to shore in shark infested waters. That, my friends, is the start of my cool cat rehab.

If You Like It Deep

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These old school mixes are dedicated to my Chi-town family and to all the dope kids I used to caravan with to all the wicked house parties throughout the Midwest. Those were some of the best days of my life and the memories are eternally engraved in my heart! Nothing beats the vibe of an intimate Detroit house party and nothing beats bum rushing a Chicago one. Nothing.

This is to my homies: KC St. John, Casey Koder, James Gala, Mike Biggs, Todd Perrine, Theo Parrish, Tracy Flores, Lil C, Kim Press, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Ty, Chico & Paul, Rachel Place, Glenn Underground, Roy Davis Jr, DJ Pierre, Boo Williams, Summer (RIP), Dan (RIP), Minx, Mike Agent X Clark, Keith Worthy, Laura G (RIP), and my angel Sally Kassem (RIP).

Secret Weapon

For all my artistic pursuits outside and on canvas, I use the gold Krylon 18K leafing pen. It is the juiciest paint marker I have ever dealt with and the only one I ever use.

Many people ask me if I use real gold on my canvases because I always have 18K gold listed as one of my mediums. But no, that leafing pen in the middle is it. Best part is, I can cover two huge wall canvases with just ONE pen. I don’t know where the paint keeps coming from, but these have never failed me when covering huge surfaces. It’s even what I used to fill-in all my Tuts!

If you want to jazz up anything, even your kicks, then I highly recommend leafing pens. They create a super fine metallic gloss that is great to add to any robotic design or to fill-in logos and stripes. Plus, they work on all surfaces and never seem to quit.

Rack a few up at your local Michaels or art supplies store.