Top 10 Style Rules for Men

As a feline, I’m very perceptive when I encounter men. I like men that come at me looking FRESH. No joke. Style is all about balance and emitting the right attitude. I’m coming at you direct with a woman’s perspective on what makes men so attractive before you open your mouth.

Simplicity is key to looking sharp. When you have too much going on externally, we know you don’t have much to offer internally.

2. No faded denim, absolutely not. Dark denim is classier and sleeker.

3. Women DO look at your shoes to size up your character. It is not a myth. You can learn a lot about a dude by what he chooses to rock on his feet. No pointed shoes of any kind. No snake or croc leather. Choose white soles over dark for kicks. You just look fresher.

4. Rings, bracelets, earrings…whatever…are nice in moderation. Looking like a Christmas tree will turn most chicks off. One ring on a guy is OK, but more than that and I start seeing Merlin.

5. A man with simple accents of silver tells me he is sensual / sexy / spiritual. It all depends on how he wears it. You can’t fake it. No way. Women are intuitive as to what is natural and organic and what is straight off a mannequin at the mall.

6. A man wearing gold tells me values are not on the top of his list. Seriously. It’s an honest perception I share with you. You may want to flaunt your success by roping yourself in gold chains, but you will be attracting the wrong type of women. All the people who find all that bling impressive, will leave you when the ropes become undone. Believe it.

7. Your t-shirts have to be fresh and look new always. It’s all about the freshness. Simple designs are hot, looking like Cyndi Lauper with text sprawled all over your wardrobe like Kris Kross is not.

8. I like men that don’t feel like they have to visually announce what sub-culture they belong to. It is like a skateboarder rocking a t-shirt that screams, DO YOU SKATE? Or how about a beat junkie flossing a t-shirt that reads, DILLA REST IN PEACE. Real people do not have to prove anything. A good portion of people flossing Dilla only do it because it’s the trendy thing to do and have never met him or heard his music.

9. Wearing a t-shirt with a brand name’s logo etched on the front is a turn-off, especially if it’s super designer. It tells me you just bought the shirt for the name and nothing else and that you need to be branded like a cow to be part of the herd. The girls that are drawn to you when you label yourself are most likely label whores themselves.**

10. Nothing is more sexier than a guy who walks around like a king on his own terms. He does not conform to anything or care to stay in tune to what other people are doing or wearing. He walks out the door naturally balanced without putting in much effort. After a fella has passed the external test, then I want to know what he is like internally – which is most important. But I won’t take the wrapper off the candy to see how sweet it is, if I don’t like the packaging.

**Many people wear clothes because they like it without even knowing the brand. Some rock a shirt because it’s a masterpiece of a friend and they want to show support. There are exceptions to every rule and we can argue about each of these forever. But the bottom line is this, don’t walk around like a billboard. These are my honest thoughts and my girls all agree.

Disclaimer: Just because you dress cool, don’t mean you are cool. A cool cat can balance themselves externally and mentally. You can’t cover ignorance with a dope shirt and kicks.


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