Jaba & I

If you don’t know Jaba, then you don’t know shit about graffiti. The 33-year old Belgian is one of the most prolific graffiti writers in Europe. His ultra-sweet style is super galactic and his off-the-wall 3D work has landed him a job with Lucas Films in San Francisco, as well as with production houses as far as Singapore.

Jaba came down from the Bay area to catch me before I left to go overseas for a few months. With him, he brought some sick artwork to be exclusively featured at the Interstellar Expo in the Fall of ’08. Right before his flight back to SF, we kicked it in Venice Beach so he could check out the freaks of LA in full swing.

His only request during our beach stroll was to help him locate a pair of Eazy-E glasses so he could represent the LBC to the fullest. When we found something similar, the dude could not take them off. It was as if the hip-hop gloss had possessed him and he fell deep into the Compton vibe.

He kept asking me too if I could show him a drive-by. I told him I could drop him off in Inglewood to paint and I would pick his body up in a week!

I love you homie. Blue salutes you.

Find my real name in there and I’ll send you a t-shirt.

But what if really….


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