The Monkeys in the UK

In all my experiences getting up close and personal to monkeys in India, Costa Rica, Japan, the Congo, Egypt, Sudan, Madagascar, and the Ivory Coast — I have never fulfilled my true passion for them until I hit Gibraltar, UK.

If you are ever near Spain or Morrocco, hit up the Rock and take a hike up the mountain where you’ll find yourself surrounded by hundreds of lively apes. It’s a definate must-do for any monkey lover! They will jump comfortably on your head, sit on your shoulder and protect you from unwanted attention.

Find a space away from the noise and let them get to know you first by feeling out your vibrations. It may take awhile but it is well worth the experience. There really is not much else to see in Gibraltar, so a good 5 hours is more than enough.

Spiritual Tips for Happy and Healthy Living

Spiritual Tips for Happy and Healthy Living by Suzy Kassem


Here are some tips for healthy living and eternal happiness:

1. Sleep naked. Your skin is your largest organ. Give it oxygen.
2. Cut your hair. Your hair is full of dead cells. Give your head oxygen. Same with your nails. DonĀ“t wear nail polish either. You may even notice that animals will hesitate approaching you or allowing you to touch them if you have fake nails or nail polish on. Energy from your fingertips should flow freely. Keep them short and organic.
3. Humility and humbleness keep you very healthy.
4. Love life. Life is people. People are the source of our inspiration. Find people to inspire you. Inspiring people keep life interesting and challenge you to be better.
5. Wear cotton only. Change your entire wardrobe to only cotton fabrics. Allow your skin to breathe.
6. When you say no, always explain why you said No.
7. Always dance, keep music in your life. Sound heals.
8. Avoid junk food. If you need sugar, eat grapefruit or something sweet that is good for you. Honey is an excellent substitute for sugar.
9. If you can`t adjust to your environment, change your location or move towards making a change. You can’t force your mind and body to be happy somewhere your spirit is not.
10. Love deeply and always let your loved ones know how much you love them. Affection is important in keeping love flowing. Share messages of love. Breathe love.
11. Know that no matter how good you are in anything, there will always be someone better than you out there.
12. Orgasms keep your body supple.
13. Whenever you are a little unhappy, go and make someone else happy. Happiness is contagious, so is love.
14. Always keep sound low around children. Also, make sure you buy an alarm clock that gradually increases its volume to gently awaken you, not an abrupt one to startle and shake your soul.
15. Be appreciative. Always.
16. Getting along with people is the most important goal we should all have in life. Be graceful at all times.
17. In a successful relationship, one must direct the ship, while the other one keeps the boat from hitting.
Suzy Kassem


Copyright 2008, Suzy Kassem. All rights reserved.