Know Your Rivers of Energy

I refuse to take prescription drugs. I also refuse to see a western doctor. In fact, I even refuse to dress down for check-ups. Why? The sad truth is our American institutions treat us as statistics instead of real human beings with a pulse.

From the days of my childhood, I would argue with my parents that the real medicines of life were to be found only in nature. I could not believe that God would create a world that did not contain non-synthetic cures to our ailments. It simply did not make sense to me. So growing up, I explored everything – alternative healing and variations of cures from every culture on the planet. I can tell you how to cure cancer, skin conditions, a variety of internal sicknesses, and even, how to give yourself a natural face-lift.

I am, however, the biggest student and fan of Ancient Egyptian and Chinese medicine. Egyptian books of medicine can be found on the walls of temples along the Nile of Egypt. Every major pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world has studied Egyptian medicinal texts with intense ferocity. In fact, our modern day symbol for pharmacy, the snake wrapped around the cup, and the symbol Rx, are both taken from the tombs of Egypt. Some of the best physicians in the world in the top medical institutions in the world are Egyptian. Egypt even offers free medical training to its people and to those of surrounding countries. The average doctor in Egypt is certified to go into practice by the age of 21 and qualifies to be a medical professor or even a pharmacist if he wants to be. For this reason, I claimed my Egyptian citizenship (now dual) so that my future kids can live and be trained in a country that offers so many free advantages to its citizens. I want them to be medically treated in Egypt, know their history, and become one with the mother of the world.

Since being born, I’ve been feeling intense pain in the area between my brows. In the past few years, the intensity has only been growing and even becoming so unbearable that I can’t sleep. In fact, I’ll go days with no sleep. Only recently did I discover that if I wore my sunglasses to bed that the pain subdues only in extremity. Crazy, I know, but I ran out of options! I learned from a Chinese woman to cover my eyes, and from here I got the sunglasses idea. It was only when a friend came to wake me up that they discovered my absurdity. They thought I had gone nuts and I was too tired to bother explaining. I can’t even explain it myself but it’s the only way I can sleep at normal hours. So, finally, I went to see a doctor of alternative medicine with my problem.

Right away, he told me I had super strong Shen energy. He put a needle in the area between my brows and turned on this electric machine he wired to the needle. The needle shook so much it flew off and landed on the floor. He tried 5 or 6 times only to be greeted with the same results. The doctor told me he wanted to study me further and expected me to return for repeat sessions throughout the week. That night, I fell asleep peacefully, but awoke around 3am with the same disturbances. I cried myself to sleep feeling there was no hope to the madness.

The second day of my visit, the doctor asked me if I was cold all the time. I confirmed it to him and he said I was anemic and suffered from depression. He said my Yang energy was extremely strong but my Yin was growing weaker as time passed. He wanted to hear my life story and I told him everything, including my experiences when I lived in Los Angeles. He advised I never return to Los Angeles and I told him I had already moved out of there. He also told me that once I balanced all my channels of energy, restored happiness, and took care of my current health conditions, I would be back to my optimal self – in perfect harmony with the world and my life forces.

The doctor performed some more needle magic on me. I still could not sleep that night, but I felt an inner strength I hadn’t felt in years. The doctor had taken me on as his special project and I returned for multiple visits and examinations until I was scheduled to leave. He focused on healing my Yin conditions and over time, I started to see progress. I promised to stay in contact with him and on my way out, he gave me a book to study based on the teachings of the three treasures and I would like to share some of the knowledge with you.

In alternative medicine, there are three methods of healing:

1) Acupuncture. I’m sure all of you have heard the practice of using needles to heal. I have used acupuncture for years now and it has healed pain in my calves, ankles, my headaches, and even my restlessness. It hasn’t cured the pain between my brows, so it isn’t magic. However, I advise all to seek this method before going to a western doctor.

2) Herbs. Some doctors of alternative medicine will ask you to seek special formulas they create off-hours. Some prices for special herbs range from $2 to $2000. Some of the ingredients they use are so far off the wall to even mention. I do advise using natural herbs as natural remedies so take advantage to what other cultures have to offer – Chinese or not.

3) Manipulation therapy / Acupressure. In large cities like L.A or NY, it’s not hard to find streets loaded with specialists of reflexology. For $11-$15 an hour, you can get a great massage from head to toe. In smaller cities, they may charge you way more. It’s worth every penny to have your blood charged up on a weekly basis. Acupressure works by applying pressure to central parts of your body to heal pain. Unless you understand the map of your body, I do not advise you to do this yourself. A pressure point in your ear, can heal something in your lower body and so forth. Applying pressure to the wrong area, can create knots and upset your system. Don’t mess around.

Rivers of Energy

Meet SHEN, QI, and JING. Shen and Qi are considered the Yang forces of the body, while Jing is classed as part of Yin. The concept of the “three treasures” of your body are simple:

Shen – Psychic energy
Qi – Vital Energy
Jing – Essence or Seed of Life

It is the harmonious interaction between these 3 life forces that ensure perfect health in us all. Any weakness can lead to mental disharmony and sickness. So when the doctor told me I had weak Yin conditions, he meant my Jing essence was declining. From this and my previous studies, I knew I had to increase my iron intake and dosage of vibrational therapy. The healthiest point of my life was when I was deeply immersed in music. I made beats 24/7 – all day and all night. I was always working on music so my body and mind were strong just by feeding off the vibrations. I danced all the time too whenever I didn’t have my headphones strapped to my ears so my energy field grew very intimidating. When I moved to Los Angeles, I lost stimulation. I got depressed. I stopped working on my energy flow because the air and vibe was static. From here, I started to wilt and get sick. From here, my Jing started to die, even my will to live.

Know your rivers of life and from there, you will know how to mend yourself back to your strong form. Study alternative medicine by researching your ailments and tracing them to your forces to discover which part is lagging and how that part makes up for the whole.
Not every pill will work the same way on every person. We are all unique and I have seen super close loved ones suffer death at the hands of western doctors — just by taking medications that did not work right for them or suit their unique compositions. You lose NOTHING by taking the alternative route. When a doctor tells someone you love there is no hope, this is far from the truth. The cure for cancer is inside the seed of our peaches and apricots. That bitter substance can work wonders if taken in small doses everyday. Sadly, our healthcare industry makes millions and billions a year off cancer patients to even share this information with you — even at the cost of losing human lives. In the Quran, it is written that the cure for mental diseases is inside fruits – shaped like brains. Algae works wonders for our spirit because it captures and stores light. It will give you energy and help restore a good positive attitude. Please, research cures for yourself and your family and stay away from pharmaceutical drugs that disrupt your brain. Contact me and I will help you.

A Word on Magic

In Morocco and Egypt, I stumbled upon many magic doctors selling everything from rhinoceros horns to scorpions to be dropped into magic routines. Though I do believe in eastern magic, I do strongly feel it is the wrong way to go for instant fixes. You pay a heavy price for such things in a spiritual sense. You want to get married tomorrow or Monday? You want to hex somebody or their business? You want success and money? I’ve seen it all served before me on plates and I refused them all. You are asking the dark spirits for help and with evil dealings comes a hefty dose of bad karma. I’ve been told I was cursed before I was born. I was told a hex was put on all the women in my family. I believe it because the evidence is all there, but if it is my fate to suffer, I will do so quietly if that was written for me. Magic is not alternative medicine. When you call the spirits, you disturb a force out there you cannot control after you are served what you asked for. I advise all to stay away from it all at all costs.

Your Natural Energy Field

When I was 12 and 19, I had confirmations of the strength of my energy field. When I was 12, I won all dance competitions overseas without even trying. I beat out all the European, African, and Asian kids even though I was so disturbingly shy. It went on for years. Even when I hit the Midwest, I destroyed Midwest parties from Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, twice in San Francisco, once in L.A and once in New York. I was so afraid of my own energy, I got scared to go out. Music does that to me. It sets my energy field into a unbeatable storm.

When I was 19, I was standing outside in the freezing cold, waiting for a promoter friend to get me inside a club in Detroit. It was below zero and the line wrapped around the building 2-fold. I was wearing my normal dance uniform: wide straight-legged jeans, my Adidas, and a small Adidas exercise bra top. Seriously, Adidas should have been paying me. My tall boyfriend at the time had his arms protectively wrapped around me tight to defend me from the cold. I was fine at the time, but this girl standing across from me in line was dying. I watched her shiver and shutter her lips. Her skin color was changing before my eyes. I felt so sorry for her. I even told my boyfriend to go hold her instead and I would be fine. He refused. Without knowing it, I suddenly felt my own body temperature drop, twitch, and I watched the girl get electrified from the feet up. It wasn’t visual but I sensed it and heard a current. No joke. In fact, I thought I imagined it. But the girl then looked at me, said, “wow”, and thanked me. Somehow I had transferred my own heat to someone across from me without knowing how I did it. As my boyfriend grew worried of my sudden chills, I watched the girl run around the line to tell her friends about the strange girl who gave her heat. They all turned like dominoes to stare at me. It was then I had confirmation that I was slightly abnormal.

Our energy fields are precious and must be nourished and fiercely protected. Protect your own and feed it more energy to grow strong. The first step is to stay away from souls who drain your field instead of boost you up. Eliminate them. You may not be aware of your own frequencies and vibrations but I assure you they exist. I’ve poisoned my own by smoking and messing with the wrong substances. I’m now paying the price. I assure you all, I will be back to order now that I’ve dropped all poisons and have spent time rebuilding my outer and inner self.

I fear nothing and welcome everything.

Suzy Kassem aka Blue Panther

Mine and Only Mine


No words can easily describe —
Or even begin to define —
How I feel inside —
My one and only pride —
Come with me as we ride —
The slip n’ slide —
Sign to sign —
Towards infinity and eternal time —
Hand in hand we will stride —
To the heavenliest shrine —
Of the utmost in all design —
I live to bask in the light from your eyes —
One soul with no divide. —
Boy…I think you’re mighty fine —
So shine on baby shine —
I’m so damn grateful that you’re mine —
Mine and only mine —
Beautiful child, beautiful mind —
Never thought I’d meet another brother —
Of the 7th kind.

Blue Panther aka Suzy Kassem

Mine and Only Mine — Copyright 2008, Suzy Kassem

Speak Up, Even If Your Voice Shakes!

There is no master race. There is no greatest nation. There is no one true religion. There is no inherently perfect philosophy. There is no always right political party, morally supreme economic system, or one and only way to Heaven. Erase these ideas from your memory. Eliminate them from your experience. Eradicate them from your culture. For these are thoughts of division and separation, and we have killed each other over these thoughts. Only this truth can save us: WE ARE ALL ONE.”

Neale Donald Walsch