Spent the last few days in Barcelona. Had a blast until I lost my ATM card. Earlier this year, I hit up all the Andalusian part of the country and lately I’ve been hanging out up and down Costa Del Sol and Almeria. When I was 6, I told my dad when he took me to Barcelona that I was going to live there when I grew up. Spain is made for artists. I fucking love it. The women are all hot and the men are dangerously beautiful. They have good taste in house and dance music too. I love the food, the Moorish architecture and design, and though I don’t speak Spanish, I do speak all dialects of Arabic and it helps big-time in bigger cities where the North African and Arab presence is huge! I’ve been to Spain about 40+ times and it’s my favorite country in Europe! Granada is the land of the dreadheads and Malaga is one of the most beautiful cities ever.

This weekend I drove up from Roquetas to meet my brothers Vision and Freddy in Barcelona to paint. When I got there, I thought I was meeting only two fellas but there were over 30 dudes all ages waiting for me to show up. It was the cutest thing man. Then I got flooded with magazines to sign and this one guy wanted me to tag the back of his car, another wanted me to sign my name on his arm so he could make it a tattoo. It was insane! I had no idea I had so much coverage in Europe. There were at least 5 graffiti mags that put me on the cover or had good coverage. One mag had an interview I never did. Another had a picture of me, Egyptian Lover, Arabian Prince, and Jamie Jupiter that was taken outside of a warehouse in Inglewood. How did they get that shit? Beats me.

Been staying indoors on my computer more trying to get work done and I’m getting burnt out. I’ll be in Israel next where I have more graff brothers picking me up from the airport. Should be fun…

House Music All Night Long!

Summer Madness 2 is Back!

July 3rd in NYC — Catch Louie Vega’s Boat Ride on Pier 83 packed with special guests and performances. The exclusive house party from the MAW legend is guaranteed to be slammed with old-schoolers.

Tickets are $30 in advance / $35 on boat. Go here for more information.

If you can’t make the event, no worries. You can catch Louie spinning at Roots NYC in Cielo’s every Wednesday. Masters at Work in the HOUSE! If you want to chill to deep house grooves, you go to the masters. I’ll be dropping in ritually at Cielo’s when I get back.