Slammin’ It!

I’m so proud of myself. I just got back from a poetry slam where I was the only non-black person in the entire club. The vibe was so great and the poetry I heard was unlike all the flowery, artsy, “I’m so eclectic” shit I’ve heard before.

I went up to the mic knowing I wasn’t ever going to see any of the people again and just freestyled it. I started getting more passionate, twisting words, tweaking my tones, and beating my thoughts until I turned into an ocean of emotion and drenched everybody into silence until the thunder came. I went insane. Can’t wait to rain again. I naturally talk in rhymes so it was cool to finally just talk and have everybody think it was poetry I had written beforehand. One minute I’m running off like Laurel and Hardy, next minute I’m giving it straight, oral and hard. And at the end, I had more to drop so I looked at the crowd…and ask them to pick another card.

Current State of Music

Perfectly said by my good friend Peter, of 72 Soul from Belgium, which was listed in Urb’s Next 100:

“…one troubled band that’s going nowhere
but saying something…
surrounded by hip bands going places
saying nothing…”

– 72 Soul

The Only Way to Achieve True World Peace

by Suzy Kassem

World peace is such a popular topic these days. The words alone are so trendy they embrace everything from t-shirts, hats, mugs, and bumper stickers. However, when asked how it will be achieved, a majority of people don’t even know how to begin answering the question. The most common response is simply, ‘Stop all wars’. Unfortunately, as great as the idea sounds, it’s not enough. Yet the solution is not as complicated as many political theorists in suits may argue. Half of them don’t know themselves, while the other half know that to answer the question could jeopardize their positions and those of their bosses. The answer could annihilate capitalism altogether and put our government out of work.

True peace, which resonates throughout our world and brings humanity together under one undivided umbrella, is very achievable. We can achieve it within the next decade or even sooner depending on how we choose to amplify our plan to the international community. The first major step, and one of the most important pinnacles in the evolution of mankind, is to shift people’s perception of how they view wealth. If we can shift the way consumers place value on money versus spiritual wealth, we can demolish the media. We can make the government work for us. We can have big business serving the vested interests of the people and we can put a halt to advertising puffery, toxic chemicals in our medicines and foods, wars, violence, and corruption. Why? Because we’ll be self-sufficient. We’ll know that true wealth in this world is not judged by how many cars you have or what brands you wear; it’s about the knowledge you have in your head. When you are filled with knowledge, everything from racism, ignorance, hatred, and envy cannot thrive. If you don’t care about material showmanship, then advertisements and marketing ploys won’t work on you. All the sins of the world will be destroyed. The focus of humanity will be on serving each other. We shall become selfless and humble.

If we destroy mass-consumption, businesses will be forced to cut back production, which will in return, save our earth from further destruction and decay. And while we may still be under our government, our president and senators will no longer serve Big Business since they have already been tamed to serve us. Make sense?

Now how do we make all these people who can’t live without their video games, laptops, polo shirts, new sneakers, and luxury cars — to stop buying? We have to pound it into these people’s minds that brands don’t matter. We have to stop the glorification of corporatism. We have to stop idolizing people with fame and money. We must put an end to rap stars and pop icons glamorizing gold, diamonds, and oversized homes with customized luxury cars. It really makes no difference what car you drive or what logos your sport. What is valuable is what cannot be seen. This is our message. The same way a new song hits the streets and makes it’s way on the radio, in your stereo, around every corner and through every house, is the way we will amplify our ideas and vision. We will treat the idea of enlightenment as a super trendy product or service and with it will come it’s own international marketing campaign. The spiritual revolution has started already, but we must make sure all people become actively involved.

There’s more. We need icons and symbols of material wealth to stand on podiums, on TVs and on the internet communicating to people that even though they have a lot of money and can buy anything, it’s what they have accomplished with their hearts and how they filled their minds with higher wisdom that is most valuable. If you are a celebrity with access to millions of viewers, this is what you can do instead of float around the world talking with politicians and having everything covered by the press for splashy showmanship. World peace is worth more than all the money in the world. Once people take materialism out of their life’s equation, their minds will be open for their personal spiritual evolution without all the distractions the evil on this world has put in their paths. When peoples minds are sound they can see the big picture. They can see what needs to be done and compassion will come with knowledge. A continual shift in perspectives is mandatory to make sure all people of all nations are treated as one and everyone’s basic needs are met. There shall be no more suffering.

World peace is wanted by many but dreaded by a few. Those who don’t want it, know they can’t profit if everybody is peaceful and want only peace. Wars then cannot be contrived to rob countries of their wealth or to create building contracts for huge corporations.

The world will collectively evolve to a higher consciousnesses, once people abolish materialism. We need to continuously remind people that brands really don’t matter, and they don’t, and that with enormous material wealth come more problems. History, as well as, our televisions and newspapers have shown us that those at the top carry the most problems. Money is the root of all evil and creates static in the mind. The same way trends jump from an instigator to a community to a city to a country to the world – is how we will spread our message. An attitude can be marketed the same way the media manipulates our thoughts and moods. The 100th monkey syndrome is very real indeed even though many experts and such are being paid to tell you otherwise. Basically it explains how a learned behavior can quickly vibrate throughout a community and then show up in another country. How? Vibration. Its how all trends work. Our minds are way more powerful than we are taught to believe.

There is an energy field that envelopes the earth that can put an end to us using fossil fuels to fill our gas tanks. The energy on this grid can pick up our collective energy and multiply it depending on the level of repeated actions we create or thoughts in our minds that are duplicated collectively – either knowingly or unknowingly. Thus, when a certain critical number achieves an awareness, this new awareness may be communicated from mind to mind. When peace is vibrated, natives of other countries will be more open to sharing their resources and less dependence will be on our corrupt governments. Nobody will feel threatened to arm themselves. In fact, all weapons will be abolished with the uprising of a true peace movement.

Our minds must be freed for any vibration to occur because our hearts must be pure for there to be any kind of meaningful harmonic resonance. Remember, we are not amplifying material trends, but thoughts, a new global perspective, a new attitude. If none of this makes sense to you, you have to trust me on this and just comply with the basics. Love yourself and those around you free of judgment. Imagine a brandless society. Wear whatever you want and drive what you need without caring how you will fit in. We all naturally belong. Find ways to be happy and comfortable without spending so much money. Live modestly. Learn and teach your loved ones how to accept themselves for what they have inside rather than what they feel like they have to show they have. Being branded like a cow is a definite no, no. Those who brand themselves are sedated by pop-ism, the tool used by conglomerates to get you to buy their wares and sell ad time. Remember, we are all unique and when we reflect our uniqueness, the world all of a sudden will become a more interesting place. Imagine it.

Spend money but for things that will keep you moving forward and for experiences like traveling to widen your perspectives. Live to expand your mind and share what you know. Share resources. Share love. Strive to find ways to give everybody peace of mind. Take that extra hundred bucks you are going to use for lamb skin car seats and pay for someone to take an extension course or learn to dance. Give and the world will give in return. Love and the world will heal.

Now that you know the way to peace, are you willing to work for it?

Suzy Kassem aka Blue Panther