Alien Love

<br>I don’t feel things like normal people do. I don’t feel kisses at all so that explains why it’s easy for me to give them freely to all the cats I adore.

Instead I feel more if someone pressed their cheek against mine. That’s equivalent to 100 million human kisses. I feel electrical currents too wild for words to describe.

Last year sometime, I saw my mom holding my brother’s baby. She had her cheek pressed against the baby’s cheek as she was holding it. A light bulb went off in my head! The strongest love I have is my mother’s love and perhaps it was how she transferred love to me as a child is how I transfer it to others I love equally as blood. Or maybe I’m alien?

An open mouth kiss is something different, expesh the steamy kind. And I only give those out to one in a million. But still, cheek to cheek is what makes me drown, like strapping on my headphones and making love to the sound.