On the 23rd, I’m taking off to Mumbai for a spiritual tour that lasts 6 days. I’m going with my friend Dr. Fung to see about setting up a peace camp for children around the world. India is a place I would like all children to explore for its ancient roots in spirituality and vast genres in music.

Dr. Fung has a friend in Maharashtra who is offering us a building with teachers willing to volunteer their services to educate incoming floods of students of all ages. I also want to see the Taj Mahal and get some cool saris, spices, and music vocals to sample.

After the tour, I’m going to see two of my childhood friends, Nilima and Namarata, who live in Bombay and come from the Bachchan family of Bollywood fame. I’m finally going to get to check out Indian cinematography right on location! It’s a dream for me! Indian cinematography is top-notch and the stories in Bollywood films always keep me mesmerized. I’ll be back in Egypt for the next round of homies mid-October and then I take off to Turkey and Iraq around Christmas.

In all, I think after this year I’ll be ready to settle down. I got a call last night, Egypt time, about returning back to L.A for serious work. Good news on a project but I can’t go back there. I may have to find a place to live along the west coast where I can commute to work on the daily. I’ll know more later as I said I have to seriously think about it. Maybe Costa Mesa – OC area? I’m hoping it would be a seasonal thing just for production, but man, I get anxiety just thinking about it. L.A is a spiritual drain. Big time! It ain’t definite. I’d rather live in Spain or go back to NY. We shall see…