For You, One Thousand Times Over

Khaled Hosseini is the new Naguib Mahfouz. Period.

I’m not one to read novels, but The Kite Runner is one book I’ve read over 12 times. It is so beautifully written, I’ve sat down for hours and studied the writing inside out. In fact, after one read, I managed to whip out a full script for a television drama in just 3 days! While it took me 7 years just to try to shorten a 140-page film script to just 120 pages while living in L.A. I got so inspired from that book it unleashed a turbulence of creativity from within me. There is hope in writing. There are super great writers out there. But still, I am doubtful I can measure up to Hosseini. He doesn’t miss a single detail. His words are like music in print.

I thought good writing died with Naguib Mafouz. Yet every generation yields a great warrior with the pen. Hosseini is by far the best storyteller I’ve experienced in my lifetime, next to Mahfouz of course. He raises the bar for excellence in literature and storytelling and has convinced me to make it a life mission to surpass that bar. The Kite Runner is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and yet, the film fails to capture the essence of the overall tale by leaving a lot out. Forget the movie, and read the book. And if you’ve seen the movie, read the book for all the missing parts. There is alot of truth in that book. Beautiful.