One Cool Lady

I’m back in Cairo because I got a call from my mom that I was to meet an Egyptian director TODAY in the afternoon to discuss my Tut script. He found it profound and invited me to attend the Cairo International Film Festival with him and his son. I was not ready or prepared for anything today. I jumped on a train, was dressed in a hoodie when I rolled into the Four Seasons Hotel in bum wear and a folded treatment of my script stashed in my purse. Right away the head honcho says to me, “Misses Suzy? You look and act like one hell of a director already!” I had to explain to him that I had a problem with completing projects. He said it was normal and that all I needed was a dynamite producer to be on my back. Artists never finish things unless a hawk is on their backs.

The whole time I’m seated across from him, I feel him studying me with great intensity. Everything from my hands to my rings to my rugged jeans and bright sneakers. I think I impressed him. I hope so because despite my disheveled appearance and presentation, I had great respect for the guy. Such great respect that I abandoned my trip to rush back at the opportunity even though the trip was hell. I promised myself I wouldn’t abandon or neglect golden opportunities anymore. I won’t.

I then ran to the mall and rushed to find a last-minute gown. It was so great! I had a great time. I met Susan Sarandon, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Julia Ormond, tons of directors and actors from around the world. I talked politics for a long time with Sarandon and I fell in love with her mind. She is one super dope woman: strong, opinionated and very intelligent. Then they would pick my mind to see what projects I was juggling. I told them I was writing 3 scripts at the same time and informed them all that I abandoned life in L.A. to get my creative flow rolling again. Then I told them a bit about each project. They gave me direct contact info and were all interested in reading my work. Only problem is, one script is on Ancient Egypt and the death of the light civilization, the other is about a pack of cool cat hipsters, and the third is about the Arabs in Dearborn, Michigan – Sopranos but about Arabs instead of Italians. So in other words, I can’t write them in but I didn’t say anything. Who knows?

So I left the ceremony early so I could get on a computer. Send some emails out to update my reel online at a private link so it would be viewable in style by the time anybody got out of the event. Smart, egh? You betcha man.

I’ll be back in Sharm after tomm. Seriously though, Susan Sarandon knows what’s up. I love that woman to death. To death! Another thing, Omar Sharif is a fucking idiot and so is that Alicia Silverstone chick. Fucking airhead. Opportunities hit when you least expect them, so always be prepared and don’t be lazy. That is a message to all and myself. Ask my friends man, they will tell you I’ve fucked up lots of opportunities others dream of just for being so laxed and having a messed up sleep cycle. Don’t sleep on it. Go! It’s all about timing.