My Mirror

Re: Truth Reflected, Truth Rejected

Hi Suz, I took interest in this….you know, this was something I always admired in you, your truthfulness, I thought it was great the way you’d tell people like it is including your father, who at times could be intimidating and domineering, he tried to hold the iron fist over you but all it did was make your rebel more. I remember one time when I came over to your house, your dad answered the door and told me you were not home. I was like what the fuck, I just talked to her?! But you came running down the stairs yelling and screaming at him, he looked slightly humiliated. lol so many times I would watch in amazement you calling people out, your mom, your sisters, brother, friends, strangers. It was and is freaking great. I enjoyed this story, it brought back many good memories from when we were kids, running around like little punks. Good times my friend, good times.

miss ya sista.