Suffocation Nation


I get frustrated when a guy
Don’t speak his mind,
But at the same time –
I get suffocated when a guy
Reveals too much.

I want the guy
Who stays away,
But those guys that
sway too close –
I want on the next flights
Out to Bombay.

So how do you persuade a girl like me?

Just play it straight until my mind is made.

Don’t get in my face every day
Or try to contact me every hour
The irritance will only make me want
To erase your name.
The essence of you will grow cold
And sour

Let me miss you
And crave your voice
Just don’t be pushy
And try to force
My choice

Give yourself a chance –
To make way into
My wildest and wettest

Because only when you’re faraway

I can feel what your absence
Really means.

=Blue Panther=
SPACE INVADERS” by Suzy Kassem
Copyright 2008-2009. All rights reserved.

Around the World in 80 States

Grand Circumnavigation World Cruise (on permanent loop)

Los Angeles → Cross The Equator → Nuku Hiva → Papeete → Moorea → Bora Bora → Cross International Dateline → Rarotonga → Bay Of Islands → Auckland → Cruise White Island → Picton → Akaroa → Lyttleton (Christchurch) → Port Chalmers (Dunedin) → Hobart, Tasmania → Sydney → Melbourne → Adelaide → Albany → Fremantle (Perth) → Exmouth → Padang, Bali → Manila → Shanghai → Hong Kong → Chan May (Hue) → Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) → Singapore → Penang (Pulau Pinang) → Phuket → Colombo → Cochin → Mumbai (Bombay) → Abu Dhabi → Doha → Dubai → Fujairah → Muscat → Salalah → Safaga (Luxor) → Aqaba (Petra) → Sharm El Sheikh → Suez Canal Transit → Alexandria (Cairo) → Rhodes → Bodrum → Istanbul → Kusadasi (Ephesus) → Giardini Di Naxos, Taormina → Sorrento → Civitavecchia (Rome) → Ajaccio → Barcelona → Cadiz (Seville) → Funchal → Hamilton → Ft. Lauderdale

I want to live eternally on a boat. Never stagnant. Always exploring, learning, reflecting, creating, initiating, vibrating, collaborating. To go wherever life takes me without a care if the boat sinks or not. To be liberated and fearless and free to hustle as I roam. Not tied down, restricted, bored, mentally enslaved, trashed, and taxed to my grave.

I’m going to to do it. Keep doing it. Create, vibrate and scribe along the way. There is nothing in life that provides more food to the soul, eyes, and mind – than to travel. It is the only thing in the world that I think is worth investing in. If you can’t afford a trip around the world, break it down and do it step by step. Forget about your gadgets, toys and accessories. Travel any chance you get to go somewhere new. You never know what fate will have in store for you, what you will learn, or who you will meet. Take a journey. Expand your mind. With it comes an awareness that is priceless.


The predictable leads to stagnation, boredom and depression. The unpredictable is always a stimulating adventure. We were created to keep lifting (the mind), not to stay constant and in repeat. Get out there and feel the fire of living.

Happy New Year From Blue Panther

Congrats! You made it through yet another year of hustle and you’re still standing, breathing, and dreaming. Infinite blessings for the new year and may you finally discover your spiritual calling in the insightful journey which awaits you up ahead. Keep your head up and continue to evolve.

~The Queen B.

Belgian Chocolates



Here are a couple of photos my friend Olivier sent me months ago that I just stumbled upon fresh. He and his homie Bizzy Biz both run streetwear companies out of Belgium mostly geared for men and kids. To get me down into their threads, Oliver aka Ofcors, modeled the female tees he had printed up for me. This clan is comprised of some of my most favorite brothers on the planet to date. Naturally, naturally slick. So slick. Oh so slick. And oh so sweet. So so sweet.



7 Streaks Bright and Rising

Suzy Kassem

Blue Panther’s Mantra

The Egyptian

Has Risen

With one mission

And one vision

To heal the world’s condition

United in love

With no division.

In addition,

I’m here to subtract

All the corrupt supervision

From venomous politicians

Raping Mother


Into submission

So, let’s light up the ignition

To the 7th superstition

And stop the evil forces

From spreading lies through sedition

No more controlled radio,

Poisons in our foods,

Nor hidden messages

In our kiddies’ televisions.

And that’s the decision

From the highest order

I ain’t kiddin.’

Truth has been overwritten

By suspicious chickens

Acting publicly like kittens

So why sit and wait to be bitten?

— Stop, look, and listen. —

How we livin’ just ain’t livin.

We may win an unjust war

But its only the snakes

That are truly winning.

So instead of lippin’, spittin’

Bitchin’ and grinnin’,

Let’s synergize and form

The tightest of all coalitions.

A brand new edition

Free from competition

And senseless repetition.

And no negative opposition

From shady cats and fallen women.

Blue Panther’s intuition

Marks the last of the

7 ancient metaphysicians

So what’s the hold up?

And what’s the decision?

Let’s load up

And spread the knowledge

And hit ‘em

With the supernatural


Fuck the system and all these wars

Over money and religion

While the poor children of the world

Are dying from bullets and








The Egyptian has risen.


=Blue Panther=
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.