Bitterness Eats Away At Fruits

I have this childhood friend named Leslie, and for privacy’s sake I’ve changed her name. Now, every time I see Leslie or talk to her on the phone, she always has to bring up news on this actress I don’t know much about nor do I care to hear about. Yet, to Leslie it has become an obsession, a bitter and negative obsession.

“Did you see what she was wearing on the cover of the magazine?”
No. Don’t care.

“Can you believe that whore got plastic surgery?”
No. Don’t care.

“She was so ugly in her latest movie. Did you see it”?
No. Don’t care.

“Can you believe what she said in that interview”?
No. Don’t care.

Leslie talks about this actress with concealed hatred, envy and evident jealousy that it surprises me that she even devotes time to indulge in everything and anything this actress is doing. With the billions of beautiful women embracing the earth, why is she so concerned with this one in particular? Why does she always have to say bitter things about her every time I connect with her? What happened to the old Leslie I knew? Who the hell is this ugly and bitter beast who is so infatuated by someone she doesn’t even personally know?

Welcome to the Fruitsof the world. Bitterness eats away at their flesh revealing only an ugly core. Leslie is just one of plenty and can be taken for male or female. I can no longer talk to her because I have better ways to spend my time and would rather devote any sort of talk to more meaningful issues. Unfortunately, those kind of issues are outside her world. Bitter people are immediately crossed off my list of associations even if they are my own family members. They somehow pull a veil of darkness over my eyes and insert shadows in places I find contentment.

I have lots of friends like Leslie that always snicker at the same things repetitively. If it ain’t truthful, then I don’t want to hear it. If you are going to constantly whine and pull people apart, then you probably ought to look in the mirror and see your own faults, because only an insecure person who is uncomfortable in their own skin would constantly demean others. If there is no truth to it, it’s jealousy. And I would rather hang out with Richard Simmons, than a jealous and bitter person. There is simply no light to them.

Beware of those who talk to you about others, for they surely also talk about you to others. Remember that. The same way Leslie plucks her actress apart, I’m sure that grain of envy is also going to shoot me with the evil eye if I was dressed up to play a part in a movie too. Or dressed up and/or successful – period. If the seed of envy is evident in someone, don’t think for a minute that just because you are their family member, best friend, or the love of their life that you are protected from their wrath. It don’t work like that with Fruits. A confident woman finds no other woman around her threatening. An insecure woman will feel threatened by Janet Jackson in a bee suit. And there is nothing more annoying, more pesty, and ugly than an insecure man or woman.

Jealousy and envy thrive in the words of haters when the object of their hatred has a lifestyle, characteristics, skills, personal traits, and/or a successful business or career they can only dream of possessing for themselves. If someone is spiteful towards you for no reason, take it as a compliment. You are not a threat to somebody if there is nothing of competitive value in your composition. Believe it. The more enemies you have, and you only walk the straight line, know that you are closer to Truth than the majority. That’s the first sign. And also, the more people step back from you, and you don’t know any of them, know your name is really getting out there and that’s it’s only intimidation that is making them behave that way so be proud of it.

People who hate on others are too busy groping and watching the object of their hatred thrive, while they remain in stagnation, still watching and becoming even more bitter. Eventually those people fail to find peace of mind, always wallowing in what other people are doing and then comparing their failure with the success of those they hate. They become negative, demented, unpredictable, moody, and flip-floppy. Eventually their obsession begins to eat them up and turn them into somebody you don’t recognize anymore. They stop doing the things they did and that light that initially drew you to them gets covered up by ugly flies picking away at their distorted fruit. Overtime, those Fruits will ripen to become even more negative with age and will rot in their own misery – alone and in isolation. Nobody wants to be around negative and miserable old people. Nobody wants to be around miserable jealous young people either. Like attracts like. If you see nothing wrong with the negative brews concocted by your friends, then you must be negative too.

To the fruits:
Pour some sugar into your hearts and find the beauty within yourselves for there is beauty in everyone, and then you will find that people will be more anxious to pluck you from your trees. Everybody has a unique set of skills and perhaps Leslie’s actress has an amazing body, but you, you my friend, have an amazing set of eyes.

-Suzy Kassem