Cure for All Diseases

What do you think?

The Cure for All Diseases

I do believe though that a harmonic resonance amplified to a calculated frequency can polarize any moving or cycling object by vibrating or pulsating its energy around cross-rotating fields — at a figured speed. If that makes sense to anybody. So yes, electromagnetic frequencies can heal almost anything. Nowadays, they market it to us in small gadgets called lasers. You hear laser this, laser that. What if we walked into a box created by natural night and bounced light to create the synergy we needed. In an essence we can say light heals too. We are created from small circles of light that spiral outwards into a sea of stars and lucid dreams. Everything turns. We are energy. I’m ready to start a school on electromagnetic healing and study and teach people how they can heal themselves.

Who is down? Fuck health insurance and insane medical bills. Fuck corrupt doctors and BigPharm. Fuck all the bullshit that comes with a prime necessity to survival – to heal. People should not take money for healing others. I understand there are hospitals to run and nurses to pay, but fees should not be exagerrated. People should not be manipulated and pharmaceutical reps should not be bribing doctors that yield high prescription referrals with free weekend trips to Vegas. Soon you will not know who to trust with your medical emergencies. Heathcare is mega mega zega business and you are just another statistic who bares a folder with a name sticker containing insurance information and, if you are lucky, detailed health records. Personalization and compassion from the days of old Dr. Brown are almost gone. Nobody is coming to visit you with a leather medicine bag.

-Suzy Kassem