The "WE" Hour

The time has come. The hour is here. The signs of the Time are all around us and they are no joke or set of coincidences. We are at a point in our cyclular evolution, where how we proceed from this moment onward, will dictate whether we become a united world living in harmony at a higher vibration OR become bored mindless savages.

Believe it. Where we go from here (February 4th, 2009) has serious consequences to our future, your kid’s kid’s future and history. I have seen enough signals pulsating on the streets of so many countries and the sentiments are all the same. Things are going to hell overall and it is very, very serious. Corruption is at its highest. Greed is at its finest. So many imbalances all over the place. Earth has an ulcer and its tearing at its ozone. Our crops and weather are being manipulated. We are forcing ourselves into the future before we are ready. More and more people I know are becoming miserable with where their lives are, feeling trapped, suffocated, and increasingly frustrated. There are people who can’t go out and enjoy simple pleasures due to financial constraints, while on the other hand, you have a tier that goes on shopping sprees with puppies around the world.

We are far from achieving harmony because there is no balance. No Truth. No justice. Instead of thinking of just “I”, self, we need to think as a group, “WE”. One person can instigate change. One person can create opportunities for others and one company can build jobs for others. In other words, we need to think of each other as brothers and sisters and take care of as many under our umbrellas because there are many people being left out in the rain – and in the cold. We don’t want that. That’s how crime grows and savages come out of the woodwork. It’s how boredom allows us to cheat, steal and kill one another.

NOW is the time to share and spread wealth. If you can create opportunities to engage and employ others, do it. Think big. Take care of each other. Build and keep building. Build farms, gardens, market-proof companies, bridges, charities, libraries. Build hope and build peace. Don’t just think about yourself and your loved ones. Think of everyone you meet as part of the same unit. Help the strange and deranged. Make sure not a single soul goes to sleep hungry. Help friends and strangers find jobs. We MUST make sure the basic needs of every woman, man, and child are met or we are looking at some seriously dark days ahead. Again, this is very, very, serious. Look outside your current comfort zone and through the window of the world. People are seriously struggling and eventually their struggle will affect you. Believe it. Do what you can within your reach to alleviate another man’s burden. Eliminate the “I” now and replace it with “WE” right away.

By Suzy Kassem