Scratch n’ Sniff

When you don’t have money, there is always so much you want. Your wants and needs are unlimited. You find yourself saying…’when I get money, I’m going to get this and this’. And then when you come into a lot of money, you find that you really don’t want or need much of anything. If the money is new, you may splurge in the beginning, but then you find no real contentment. You quickly find out that that the things you really do need are free. And ironically, when you are broke and don’t have money, without telling anybody, you find that people are less giving – period. Yet when you do have money where you can buy whatever you want, without telling anybody, you find out that more people are overly eager to pick up the tab, buy you unlimited gifts, fly you all over the place, and freely hand over big checks for projects you’re unsure of. But before, when you would be so certain of the success of your proposed ventures, nobody wanted to give money to someone who had none.”

– Suzy Kassem