The Language of True Artists

When you hang out in different art and entertainment circles around the world, you become aware of an unspoken code of ethics that universally exists between true artists. First, true talent is humble and often unaware of the magnitude of their own talents. Everything they do seems super easy to them so they don’t measure their work in the same way as those that witness it. Two, the real artist does not feel the need to prove their talents. Again, everything just comes easily and naturally for them, or refined over time. And lastly, a true artist would never even think of stealing from another. The artist that feels they must copy to survive, or hang on to the successful name of another to develop their own, is NOT an artist. Imitation is never an issue to the creative evolving mind with boundless ideas and creativity which make up a real artist. The true artist is the one always imitated.

Suzy Kassem
Saturday, May 23, 2009

Awe Them With Your Claws



They say that if you are
Ever confronted by
A lion or bear,
To never act scared
Instead act like
You are the greater animal
And that they’re
The hare
That you are about
To tear.

This has been
And compared.
This is how presidents
Are loved
And feared.
Each one of us has an animal
Within us
That is armed with
Physical or
Spiritual gifts
That could shoot spears
Through the air.

So next time
You are confronted in
A fight that seems unfair,
Just remember the lion and the bear.
Your greater animal
And all that feel your magnificence
Will step away
And disappear.

=Blue Panther=
Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You


The one who cares the most
Always loses the most
Because they care
In areas
Where others don’t
And they offer help
While others won’t
And in the end
While you offer your hand
With the purest of hearts
The land has gotten so bad
That it becomes
Each man for himself
And it all splits apart
They spit and flip the charts,
And forget about the love
And the art.
They forget the hand
That offered them a chance
And first gave them the part.
Now I know why
People walk on others
Right from the start.
Rats should
Be kept underground
Shooting pellets
Blindly at each other
In the dark.
Don’t step on the hand
That feeds you
To make your mark.
It’ll smack you
Back down like cement,
Flatten you,
And build your whole family
A memorial park.

=Blue Panther=
UNREST” by Suzy Kassem
Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.