A Vision Realized


In a vision of light,
He came to me –
The most beautiful
Teacher of all creatures
White light poured from his face
And illuminated his godly features
His soul raged a blue flame
Untamed by the
Fire of the ancients.
Preacher of preachers
Sweet brother, son of Sages
Been waiting for you
Since the chiseled ages
Been scavenging the jungle
In search of you
Muddy waters and
Rat-infested ranges,
Been warred with the tongue and sword
And locked up like a bored panther
Pacing back n’ forth
With whores in cages.
I’m ready to turn the pages.
Surrounded in the company of gods,
Let us combine our skills
And minds
To elevate us to higher places.
The Egyptians have risen
And it has been written
The time is now
For us to hold down
Our regal stations.
Just you and me sailor
Float with me through the phases.
The world will be new again
You got my hand through the mazes
Let’s go spread Truth
And erase the face of evil
From our shrines, nations and open spaces.
We’ll leave our mark and traces
Sign, stamp and don’t forget to date this
You know what we have to do, kid
This is what our fate is.
Stay true and I will
Forever stand by you
And will never,
Ever break this.

– This –

Just me,
And this

– Kissed –

Now get back to scribbling, Wiz
Class is

=Blue Panther=
SON OF SAGES” by Suzy Kassem
Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.