The Birds That Visit Me

On 10/27/08, I was visited one early morning in Alexandria, Egypt by a supremely regal eagle with strange blue eyes. It had crashed through my bathroom window and died a couple of hours later on the floor in a pool of blood. I buried it myself with the help of a bunch of neighborhood kids.

On 12/17/08, I was visited by an evil looking eagle. It flew up to me and perched next to my arm on the table I was sitting at in my balcony in Cairo, Egypt. Same time as the other experiences, just as the sun was rising. This bird looked evil, ragged, and was drenched with bad energy. It made the hairs on my arm rise and stay like that for hours after it left. Eeriest experience ever. It was a visit from the dark side. I have no doubt in my mind. This bird’s visit was a warning or a demon’s examination. Whatever, it scared the shit out of me.

On 08/01/09, the strangest thing happened today. I was sitting outside on the balcony watching the sun come up as I always do in Alexandria, and I was thinking about my visits from the birds. In my mind, I was thinking, “I wonder why the birds stopped coming to me and what they meant to tell me”. I was thinking about those two previous experiences…and in my mind I asked for a sign…when all of a sudden a beautiful, beautiful bird came swooping down in front of me and stared at me (see above). This was one majestic falcon and its movements and looks were directed right at me and immediately my mind went ballistic. Was this another “coincidence”? I asked myself that same question – in my head. The bird shook its head. I asked myself, “What the fuck is going on here? Am I going insane?”. The bird shook its head again, and instantly I felt this calmness overtake me. In seconds, I felt like it was communicating telepathically to me…this one regally divine falcon. It’s throat area would vibrate as if it was talking to me at the same time its thoughts were in my head. I am not joking! This was all real. Then I asked for a validation that this was not all one big mind fuck. So it flew down in a circle, then shot upward like a jet doing a military presentation, and then it swooshed downward as if coming right at me then diverted its flight as it almost hit me, then did this thing like a celebratory bow in the sky – perfectly. Then it went back to sit where it was, looking at me as if saying…whatchoo think of that?

End of last year, I was writing some serious intense stuff. So intense, it made me lose my mind. I wrote about the light civilization, the floods, the Amarna period, the last days of Truth. I did my best writing, and each time, a virus would come and wipe everything clean – those specific documents. Weird, huh? Too much for words. Why do you think I’ve been quiet this year? I can’t talk about the stuff anymore. I started to think I was hallucinating. But no, too many coincidences in a row, mark reality SOMEWHERE. I’m afraid to tell anybody all that’s been happening or else somebody is going to come at me with a straitjacket.

You might have heard I had a heart attack, but its far from the truth. I’m very, very healthy: mind, body, and soul. I was dealing with such evil beings that my inner animal tore out of me with such intense ferocity that it knocked me out, and you can’t explain that to doctors. I started kicking severe ass since that incident. I was a time bomb. Seriously, men of all badges, ranks, classes, whatever…would panic in my presence. I knew how to talk and say the right things and when I shouted, the people would listen. Plus, I could knock anything out regardless of size. ANYBODY that did something wrong, harmed or cheated someone else, or belittled anybody in my presence – whether I knew them or not – I set rage on them. If I saw a poor man or kid being abused in the street, I’d abuse the person doing the abusing. I know now, that I don’t fear jail, and I don’t fear death. And thanks to the falcon, I’m on the right track. I got my validation. The Egypt that your read about in your books has been plagued by selfish darkened souls. I don’t recognize it anymore. At all!

One important thing the falcon clarified for me was this, in someone else’s words, this is what it came down to and this is why I am still in Egypt after all the hell I’ve been through:

“This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you.”
– Hafiz

For clarification, NONE of my friends in Egypt have had any kind of bird encounter like any of the three that I’ve personally experienced. NONE. These are not normal occurrences – at all. My mom and friends said the only time they’d seen eagles was at the Cairo Zoo when they were little. My sister sees them in the sky above our buildings in Egypt. Yet, nobody I know has had close encounters with them. Only me.