My Favorite City

My Alexandria
A Photo Essay (Part 2)
By Suzy Kassem

I’ve been to most hyped up beaches around the world. All of them. And I will say this, Alexandria, Egypt has the best and most populated beaches on the globe. There are tons of beaches of all styles that stretch for miles. Summer is the best time to be here. Pomegranates, mangoes, cactus pears, and guavas fill the markets and air. Toddlers and kids are out on the streets until 3 a.m, streets are packed with people like flies, and there is always something going on in some part of the city depending on your interests. Music is always playing and the Mediterranean sea is the best water to swim in – period. People hang out on their balconies 24/7 and insomniacs are everywhere. This is my favorite city in the world. It has the most energy, most personality, and so much history and color everywhere you look. For me, it’s the most beautiful painting in motion. It’s an artist’s dream.

Suzy Kassem in Alexandria, Egypt
August 2009