The Falcon Salute

(6:31 am Alexandria, Egypt time)

I kid you not!
A falcon just came by right now and saluted me!


Before, I thought I was hallucinating the whole thing with all these birds just coming around me, but this time I got the most analytical witness of all. My DAD.

My dad stepped out on the balcony and caught the most freaky part of the show! I was sitting on the balcony watching for the sun to come up and a falcon came swooping in front of me and perched exactly where the other one did. I don’t know if it’s the same one. Then right away I started thinking to myself…Oh, no here we go again…you are going to make me lose my fricken’ mind!

Then my dad steps out and the bird takes off right away. I tell my dad that he just interrupted something crazy that was going to happen. He says, “WHAT?“…

Then, as if on queue, the bird comes back and does this bow loop in the air and then stops in front of us, facing us, and just hangs there for about 30 seconds, more than enough to throw away any doubts that it didn’t happen. It floated there in serene stillness looking at us, and us at it. We were both in AWE.

Then when it flew off, I just turned and looked at my dad, who was dazed in deep thought, and he sarcastically goes, “He is saluting your Highness…”

Then he gets up and says he’s going to bed. A minute later, he yells out,

Do not use my name as a witness when you go tell your friends about this. I don’t want to be the crazy person.”