I Love You Sugar Cane

Now is a good time to start taking care of yourself – male or female. Adopt sugar cane into your daily skin care regime. Over here, there are mango and sugar cane juice parlors on every block. Sugar cane is easily accessible. In the States, you can find it at Whole Foods or ask around for it.

I came up with this on my own, after I had a skin peel session in Detroit almost 9 years ago and I remember the lady telling me the solution had sugar cane in it as a natural glycolic acid. I thought about using every time I passed by a juicer, until one day I stopped at one and asked them to fill and empty bottle of water with cane juice. Then I went home and applied some on my face with cotton. The next morning my face was super tight.

Sometimes when we are tired, our face seems leathery or saggy. It’s normal. Just get some sleep and drink lots of water. If you use sugar cane like I do, it will keep your face toned the hell down. It acts as a natural exfoliater too. But seriously, skip the store creams and mass-processed crap and get the natural things I found to work that I tell you about. If you blend the sugar cane with sulfur, then you pretty much have recreated the solution girls pay a heavy dime to get put on their faces at a skincare clinic or high-end salon. I do it on the cheap, regularly, and at home.

All guys and girls – DO THIS! Look for pure organic sugar cane.