The Rush For Red Mercury

So…word on the street is that certain models of Singer sewing machines contain red mercury. The price of an $80 sewing machine is being sold in the thousands in the Arab black market. What’s so special about red mercury? I challenge you all to do your own research on it. I will tell you it is one of the best kept secrets in the world, and those with any sort of power DO NOT want the common man exploring its effects. It can be very, very dangerous if used by the wrong people, which it already has. It is not a MYTH. It is all very true. That is why I want you to dig deep and discover for yourselves. Then trace it back in nuclear science, healing, Lockheed Martin, NASA, lots of notable organizations and governments have used it and are currently using it. And, it’s those same institutions denying it exists.

It is crystalline in the negative, against the natural way of the universe, and calls on the work of jinn, not light – when used in the spiritual or material. It has the personality of fire (hint) and can create and trigger the hardest vibrations of alpha energy. Meaning in Suzy terms: earthquakes, eruptions, big bangs. It is also good in forcing things to “move forward” or reverse – anything mechanical, circular, even time.

Red Mercury is the reason behind the Bay of Pigs. It was introduced to the Germans first, Russians THEN Americans as alien technology. This is all very true. I kid you not. It has been the root of many wars. China just dropped 80 billion in minerals in Africa, and it’s not to scavenge around for diamonds. Imagine a red substance that warps as if containing the blood or fire of a trapped evil spirit.

If you really want to find it, simply look for super old thermometers at an antique store from the WW era. That’s a tip that will throw you ahead of the Saudis.

– Suzy Kassem

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