For My Sally



On the top shelf
Of my toy store,
There rests a glass case.
No kids are allowed
To reach for it,
Should any
Of my dolls
Fall or break.
I have the most
Priceless collection –
All made of the finest
Porcelain and lace,
But there’s one
Piece of work
In particular –
That truly
Steals the cake.

She stands alone
In the corner,
With thoughts in space.
And a constant stream
Of tears
Are always rolling
Down her face.
The kids are all in awe of her –
They’ve even
Named her
Sadness’s Daughter –
One night
In the wee hours,
Her tears had filled up
The whole case with water.

There’s something special
In her eyes
That I can’t fully describe
That sets her vibe apart
From them all. —
It’s as if she holds
The secrets of time,
Yet the world passes her by –
Not knowing that
A key to Truth
Could be
Hidden behind four walls
Inside a commercial
Shopping mall.

She knows it all –
But feels small.
She gazes through her
Rainbow lenses
Drinking the world’s
Mirages and flaws.
Her feelings are human
She’s an angel
Immune to earthly
Rules and laws.
She scrawls the stalls,
And endures the falls.
She rises to wrong
And shines Truth to all.

You can buy a bulb,
But this Light is not for sale.

There’s a genius and a
Always meeting
Behind her serene veil.
She’s not for sale.
Not for retail.
She’s a special piece
With ancient detail
Too fragile and unique
To ever let sail.

But I’ll let you in
On a little thing —
Exposing her to negative energies
Is almost worse than committing sin.
And that’s why we call her
‘The Queen of Porcelain’–
She’s beautifully painted
On the outside,
But she’s fully loaded
With branches of cracks
Under and in.

What’s over is in.
The most beautiful thing.

=Blue Panther=
Copyright 2008-2009. All rights reserved.

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A Body is Just Another Body

It’s easy to love people. It’s easy to fall into a comfortable rhythm with someone as we cross phases of life. Then as time passes, that person becomes a vital part of your inner and outer rhythm. You love them because they’re so good with you, agree with you, and love you, so you stay floating in that lovable relationship, but are you IN LOVE?

If you’re in a relationship where your “love” feels the same as in the last relationship, then you’re in love with being in relationships, but not in love. If you’re in a loving relationship, but still feel incomplete, then you’re not in a loving relationship that’s right for you. No love is perfect, but there are perfect “synergies” out there that will always keep love stimulating. Different people need different frequencies of love. When you’re in love with THE ONE, parts of you that have been dormant will all of a sudden come out and stars will shoot from your eyes. You are stronger, not weaker than before. You know you are content because you can’t imagine achieving a higher love with anybody else.

As I’ve mentioned on here before, there are different grades of love. Some “chemical or cosmic” formulas are more intense than others. For example, your girlfriend may complain about driving down the street just to get a bag of chips, but if this old high school guy friend calls out of the blue one day and wants her to come over and bring some salsa and chips – two states over, she’s out the door! Many people divorce just because they find someone they have better chemistry with. It’s unavoidable. That’s why it’s important you seek out the best chemical combination possible before you seal the deal. Cosmic and spiritual aspects at play can make circumstances inevitable.

So back to a body being just another body. I realized now in my early 30s, that I seriously could love anyone. I could love seven at the same time. After all, a body IS just a body. But what I want is the perfect SOUL for the perfect chemistry. One that compliments mine so that in the end, it is not just another body to hold at night, for they all feel the same. What really makes a body, somebody, stand out from the rest is how they make me feel. Not how they look, what they do, how they dress, cook or make me the best sauce. I don’t care about their talents or skills. I don’t care what they can do for me professionally. I don’t care if a body is jobless or worth millions. In the end, not just anybody can make me feel super high – without a drug.

– Suzy Kassem

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The Universe is Theirs

The Universe is Theirs

The universe should be ours; however, it truly belongs to the minority that hoard the keys to it.

“What they teach you as history is mythology and true mythology is far from fantasy — it is our true history. A bulk of our real history can be found in Egyptian and Greek mythology. Yes, myths reveal to us worlds of other dimensions that make up our true reality.” — Suzy Kassem

The key of life, or the universe, is not made of metal or gold, but one word, one thought, one ticket. Once you unlock the first door, you witness surrealism you thought only existed in movies and books. It’s no coincidence that the “enchanting” characters you often see repeated in illustrations or movie screens share common similarities in appearance or characteristics. For instance, C.S Lewis describes some of the same fantastical elements as Tolkien, Homer’s Iliad, or even Clash of the Titans. These writers had glimpses into these other worlds. They either saw them in their dreams, heard about them – or knew the secret.

There are books over 3000 years old, and some transcribed from limestone that date way before Jesus, that are loaded with secrets to the universe, to wealth and power, spells for anything, ancient words to wake up the dead, and recipes to open doors of your mind or to other worlds. These books teach you the power of words. Pronunciation is key and if one syllable is out of key or the last word in a chant is recited with a short versus long ending, you could find yourself dead or in another world. Yes, open sesame is real. The power of the word. The power of a line — REAL.

I have seen these books. Some are pressed once, while others were handwritten to create only a duplicate or three – no more. At first, I heard about them as a kid through my dad’s stories about his father. As I mentioned on here before on a posting about white magic, my grandfather was a great sage 30Km outside of Giza. He was infamous throughout Cairo, Ghamaza and Helwan for healing people or calling on the spirits to quickly mend the people’s problems. He never took a dime for anything he did because he said that his gifts were not his, the favors from the spirits were not of his doing, and that skills or advice he passed on to others was always done for the goodwill of serving humanity — not for profit. Why? Because he was chosen to have those skills…did not mean he should be rewarded further for being already blessed with them. Since they were a gift to him, they are a gift to the people. Those words are why I am the way I am today.

My grandfather had tons of these books. I personally went to visit his grave last September in this isolated village called Ghamaza which is located on the Nile’s left bank. A microbus dropped me off in this dreamy green oasis where right away I saw a camel chewing on grass under a palm tree and the blistering sun looked like it was reflecting diamonds into the emerald river. This place was bliss in the physical but I was lost and felt so out of place. This little old man on a donkey asked me if I needed help and as soon as I told him I was looking for a graveyard and mentioned my grandfather’s name, he immediately called out to a few people who came out running to see who I was. Then got so excited at the sound of his name and began to acknowledge me as “the granddaughter from America”. More and more people came out yelling, hugging, and kissing, until I got mobbed with villagers all around me. I got the whole Marilyn Monroe treatment. I saw first-hand how my grandfather had enriched so many lives by witnessing first-hand the effects of his greatness. Even his grave was flooded with tiny kids all dressed in bright fluorescent colors and not a single child was taller than my knees! It was the eeriest experience in my life. Since that visit, I dove deeper into studying “the other sides” and that’s why I may not have been all that much here during patches of this year. Mysticism has always flowed in my blood like the water of the Nile flows through my veins.

When my grandfather died, he burned all his books because he feared his sons would get their hands on them. He never even used spells on his own family, or himself. He only used them for GOOD deeds. The stuff in these books can now be found floating around the digital highway in Armaic, hierolglyphics, ancient or Quranic Arabic. They have been banned in many Arab countries,but have already been tampered with by the wrong people. Some of the words in these books are scribed, interpreted, and translated by religious scholars or sheep herders versus a trained western archaeologist. In raw form, these are powerful scrolls. An archaeologist or scientist wouldn’t even know where to begin.

There’s a lot of Truth revealed in these sacred books and that’s why they’re purposefully hidden from the public. One, they contain very sensitive information – that if improperly used, could create disturbance in the cosmic order. Two, you can manipulate people and the environment with these books, and the evil minority do not want us to know they exist. The gold elite do have access to all this information – for thousands of years since the birth of the Illuminati. Truth was raped for the greedy to divide, control, and conquer us with this sacred information. Government intelligence agencies implement some of it into their technologies and strategies. Pharmaceutical giants have already dissected and drained many of the remedies and secrets of the Pharaohs. Heads of today’s largest corporations manipulate their success by manipulating competition. Even games on TV have a hand of sorcery. The word sorcery sounds “fantasy” don’t it? So does George Bush riding around on a unicorn. Bet he has too. Either by reciting, or simply snorting a line.

There are lots of lines from the walls of Egyptian tombs in hieroglyphics that translate word for word for lines in the Quran. I watched this being researched in front of me. There are thousands of references to the sun. There are instructions found for accessing multi-dimensional worlds, how to talk to the people there, what to ask for, and how to depart. Some of the people you meet look wobbly, hybrids, come in weird sizes, vanish and appear like genies, or look like the Devil’s children. There IS an inner world and there are worlds within every world.

For instance, in April, I was told about this man that had an illegal book that made anything possible. A “student” of his took me to see him one day and I quietly told him my problem. I told him that I was cursed before I entered this world and I wanted to know if it was something my grandfather did, or a curse that was actually put on my mother and the women in my family. The man read my planets, scribbled numbers and weird signs on paper. He asked specific questions: my mother’s name, her birth date, her mother’s sun sign and my full name including all my grandfathers names included. After about an hour discussion, he finally asked me if I ate a soul. He meant meat. I said no and then he said I was to prepare for a trip, but before the journey, I had to to get ready. By that he meant, exercise, fasting, cleansing my energies, my body, “not eating souls”.

Then he wrote a line on a sheet of paper and told me to recite it everyday at a specific time. Then he told me that because I was born at a specific time when such and such planets were away from the sun, I was missing “X” and because “X” was missing, I was not in balance. And because I wasn’t in balance, I was susceptible to curses hitting the holes of open energy found in my spiritual wall. If a soul has all their cosmic components in place, they become impenetrable. So instead of figuring out if I had a curse on me or not, and where it came from, we decided to just make me whole and my spirit super durable. To do so, I needed Amber, Topaz or Ruby.

To get the Ruby, the kind that made up for the planet I was missing, I had to go to this world that had the “best stuff” not found on our plane. Sounds already like a fairytale or video game, don’t it? To do so, I had to fast for 2 months. Then at the end of the two months, I was to recite two words with exact pronunciation – without saying them out loud – until then. So what happened?

In those two months, I went crazy. I was told that if I mispronounced the words, I could be visited by demons or something unknown could happen. So, how was I supposed to know the correct way to say them if I couldn’t say them until the last day of fasting? And in the meantime, there were specific items that I had to cleanse with and “rituals” to perform. Yet everything this man told me, corresponded to something else I had read about, or learned from elsewhere somewhere else. In the process of preparing for this “journey”, I went inside who I was. And slowly, everything was making sense to me. My life study of 33 years had finally come to an end. All the pieces finally came together. It was then that I realized who I was.

Many of us believe that if we were ever confronted by genies we would immediately ask for unlimited amounts of money. I opted for spiritual completeness over success or wealth. Because I had the right “mentality”, this unique opportunity was specifically picked and presented to me, while others may have been given other spells congruent to their own unique character and “formula”. I will tell you that there is not a single “simple” spell in any of these books. They all require homework of some kind or the attainment of “things” either in the physical or within self.

There are thousands of spells for everything under the sun – but they’re not meant to be handled by just anyone. After the end of my two months, I did see the men I was told I would see, and I did ask them for I what I needed, and I did say the words correctly – or at least in my mind. I had enough time to practice there. But this experience, showed me that the dreams I thought I had as a kid, were not dreams. And the beings that I encountered in my youth, were real. And indeed, I am not delusional. To tap into a world in your dreams is one thing, but to be present in a surreal reality when you are conscious – is another. I want people to sit back and seriously think about all that is written here for it was truly experienced by someone just like you. I did not take peyote or any sort of drug. I am not someone who just writes about topics based on what other people have written. I only write from what I have personally experienced.

Now, think about this game of life and the odds.

Next time you come across people dressed up as fairies and dwarfs on their way to a medieval festival, Star Trek convention, or a Lord of the Rings conference, know that these streams of imaginative people you see before you have all previously connected to these surreal worlds in their dreams or between consciousnesses. They may like specific facets of “fantasy” because they are identifiable to a glimpse of a world that’s familiar to them – whether they may realize it or not. Yes, I’m also talking about that person with the mystical warrior name who constantly leaves sparkly fairy images and animated .gifs on your Myspace profile. You may have asked yourself, What the hell happened to this person?This.

There’s knowledge out there that should be shared with the masses. After all, I do know the ancients scribed to preserve and pass these records of knowledge to us for a reason – to be shared. History books teach us that the minds of the past operated on the same frequency, dimension, or level of consciousness as we do now. Not true at all.

I will tell you, that the information found online and in books about Akhenaten, the greatest man in history, is all far from the Truth and that the Amarna Tablet – a hoax left by the sinners of an era – is translated to the public like the National Enquirer. To study Truth, I urge people to begin by studying that period in history. Adam descended in Egypt and it was in Egypt that evil first corrupted man. “Misr Om Il Dounya” is a popular Arabic saying across the world – for a reason. It means, Egypt is the mother of the world. And IT IS the mother of civilization. To explore Truth, I encourage you all to start there. But first, put down the books and book a plane ticket.

There is Truth to flying horses. There is Truth to little men dressed in bright colors parading around in lands filled with demons, Kings and Queens. We do live in a transdimensional universe. There are many worlds moving at the same time as ours whether we can see them or not. I have seen them. I have seen worlds beyond worlds and I’ll put my name and career on it. The universe is a radio station laced with 2000+ channels. And ours, Earth, is of the lowest frequency.

By Suzy Kassem

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Rise Up and Salute the Sun by Suzy Kassem



Rise up!

Rise up and salute the sun!

Rise up and
Synergize as

And division there shall be none.


And division there shall be none.

Wise up.

Wise up and salute the sun!

So what is right will always be won –

So what is wrong will be never be done.


So what is wrong will never be done.
So justice will always be won.

Rise up!
Wise up and salute the sun!

Because what is

Can never
Be undone,
And what is churning
Has already been spun.

The lies are distorting the sum.
And they’re quickly earning
The minds of our young.

Rise Up!

Wise up and
Vibrate justice and peace
Throughout the
And digital

Spread light to replace all
The hatred
And ignorance in the world-
With Truth,
And amplified

Rise up!
Rise up and salute the sun.

Get wise and
Join lights as ONE.

The journey has just begun.


Has just begun.

So wise up!

Wise up

Let the LIGHT replace all your fears –
And fill out your life
With love and care!

Rise up!

Wise up and free all your minds.

Rise up and stand up
For all

Try on your gold crowns
And shine!

Because the sun symbolizes
What’s lit inside.

Heals us and gives
Us eyes.

Its what hears us and gives us life.

It’s also the symbol of the most high —
The light
In all its might!

Rise up and salute the sun!
Wise up because the hour
And they’ve sent us
More than one drum.

Hurry up!

Hurry up
Before the last chime

Before the TIME IS UP!

Rise up before they kill our dove!
Wise up and
Fight with



Rise up and salute the sun.
Rise up and salute the sun!

By Suzy Kassem

=Blue Panther=
Excerpt from Rise Up and Salute the Sun! The Poetry of Suzy Kassem

Copyright 2008-2009. All rights reserved.

P.S –
This goes out to all the creative minds of our time. This goes out to the silent professionals with skills that could be intertwined to push the divine. This goes out to all the scribes that write with no thoughts to the line. This goes out to all the oppressed and all their tribes.
This goes out to my generation and to those who rock the same vibe. The time is now. Now is the time. Time out. I’m out of time. Time is running out, but no worries. We’ll soon all be running out after Time. – Suzy Kassem aka Blue Panther 777 (Nov. 2009)

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Scribe to Scroll


Under the wings
Of the feathered Goddess
And in the middle
Of the three dancing women,
The scribe comes alive
To reveal mysteries hidden
Through divine gifts given
The scribe is driven
On his mission
To wake up
All the universe’s
Men, women and
Heavenly children.
Under the seven rays of Aten,
And from the age of just ten,
The scribe comes alive
With the ink
Of his luminous pen.
Below the spectacle of the moon,
And in the smile of the sun,
The scribe is here to show us
How we are all one.

=Blue Panther=
THE SCRIBE” by Suzy Kassem
Copyright 2008-2009. All rights reserved.

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It Should Not Matter

It should not matter –
That we grew up
On opposite banks,
Opposite streets,
The opposite
Side of the tracks,
Or opposite ends of
The social ranks.
It should not matter
What your father did
Or what was his blood,
As long as you are good
And full of love.

It should not matter
That you have more than me
Or that I know more than you,
Or what my job is,
Or where I went to school

For we are all equal —

And it’s only our polarities that
Makes us so unique,
Individually resourceful,
And every human useful.

It should not matter
That the media wants to
Keep dividing us
By constantly reminding us
That we are from different sects –
With labeled and
Racial and stereotypical
Characteristics and
And that there are rules
Set for every age,
Religion, class and sex.

“Sign over here.
Put an X in the box,
Then step to the left
So I can see
Whose next?”

Nobody should ever feel
Like just another statistic,
And nobody
Should ever feel
Above or below the rest.
Remember to
Stand up for yourself
Before you stand up to
Rip the test.
Stand up for all that’s unfair
And speak out for what’s
Always right and best.

It should not matter
If you are Chinese,
Arab, Israeli or Cuban.
If you seriously do realize
That we are all just human.

=Blue Panther=
“WE ARE ALL HUMAN” by Suzy Kassem
Copyright 2008-2009. All rights reserved.



In Too Deep

Can you hear the trains at night?
I can hear them as I write this poem.

There are worlds beneath your feet,
With highways more sophisticated than our own.

Can you hear the children screaming?
They’re chained in caves
Paved in gold.

And in these ancient dwellings,
Is technology that makes ours seem old.

Repeat after the Priest’s chants!
The Priest chants
He chants



Or they’ll rip you apart
Once they feel
That you’re weak,
And you

Say your prayers in your mind,
Or simply amplify
Your inner cat –

The trains are moving fast
They’re moving fast
Moving fast


And they’re building armies
Under the ground
And hoarding resources
Like ants.

They’re like ants

Moving fast



Fast asleep now
Sleep now
Sleep now




=Blue Panther=
DON’T FALL ASLEEP” by Suzy Kassem

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

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Are You Ready?

All across the Arab world, the Far East, Africa, and everywhere but the WEST, the buzzing has started and is building in momentum. Anxiety, uncertainty, frustration, and fear is in the air. People are shifting and planning. They’re stocking up and digging. The rich have moved fast, while the ignorant and poor do not yet understand the severity of the situation. This migration is well-warranted for there are areas which are marked as being unsafe — just in case.

The signs of ‘the Time‘ are all around us and people are planning for the unknown. It’s on the TVs and in the papers. Doctors, spiritualists, astronomers, and scientists are flooding the screens. If what they say is true, soon there will be water flooding your homes and streets. You can sit home and relax and wait for it to come through your front door, or make plans — just in case.

Suzy Kassem

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The Soul in a Photograph

Your soul floats within your body. When you sit, it sits. When you lay down, it does too. However, when you sleep, some souls abandon the body to float to places that are closed to others.

The soul evolves and keeps cycling. Some souls are millions of light years old, while some souls have emerged fresh for the first time within the year, or the past decade. So how can you tell who is ancient amongst the young?

First, the eyes have it. Old souls have intense gazes that make people feel uncomfortable. They have a way of cutting through your soul and detecting all your secrets. Old souls have very intimidating auras and often times people crawl back or hide in their presence. Those that come as guardians of Truth emit the strongest energy fields that sometimes may be misinterpreted as threatening. Those that come with dark souls have vibes that are cold and stagnant. You meet them and you can tap into the black patches in their auras. They seem to lack common sense, understanding, feeling, and compassion. So we have old and young, weak and strong, good and bad. What’s next?

Take a photo. I’m not talking about one that reads auras, although I will tell you that purple and blues immediately signal ancient souls of the 7th. White, gold, and orange signal illumination and divinity. And since we’re on the topic of aura cameras, check and see what color you are and really study those patches. Most psychopaths and human rats can be found with reds, some greens, browns, grays and blacks in their auras. Yes, the shitty gritty colors.

Now, you will have noticed by now that some of your friends may be better looking than you, but it’s YOU who comes out looking the best and the most handsomest in all the group photos. Or vice-versa, hmm?

How could that possibly be?

Again. Your soul floats within your body. When you sit, it sits. When you lay down, it does too. However, there are THREE ways a soul can float within your vessel. One, some people have souls that naturally float outward towards the crown of their foreheads. Two, some souls gravitate like clouds or crowns above our heads. Think about this for a moment. Three, the most common, the soul stays deeply slumbered inside our inner shells – like most normal people.

They say the camera captures the soul. This is very true, but it does not necessarily mean by the way of the eyes. There are people who are photogenic. You can take photos of them day or night, high or lows, at a birthday or funeral, and they always look stunningly GREAT! So this takes us back to how some of your friends may look better than you in photos, take it as a seriously deep compliment.

Here’s the catch, and this has been strictly a life observation that has been proven true. People with slumbering souls, ones that are nestled within their frame, are fresh souls, newbies to the wheel of the universe. They may ACT ancient just by collecting some rocks and habitually browsing book shelves in the New Age section, but in actuality, they are NEW. These people always look great in photographs. ALWAYS. They are always smiling, laughing about nothing, talking about nothing, and succeed in life just by riding along in their happy, yet slumbering ways. These people make great supermodels, TV reporters, actors, administrators, and presidents. Some of these people make beautiful actors on TV, but look like hell in real life.

Now, souls that float above the body (“high”) or migrate towards the forehead, and this gets even more pronounced under the influence of drugs or alcohol, seldom photograph well. How can you take a picture of someone…whose soul is floating midway out of their body? I guarantee you that if you took a picture of Jesus or Buddha, you will NOT get a cover picture for your magazine.

In photos, people with old souls look older or uglier than how they actually look in REAL LIFE. In fact, they look more beautiful in person than in photographs. If you smoke a joint, then take a picture, even if you have a normal soul, you will understand the floating “high” effect I’m talking about. If your soul was nestled inside your body “fresh” like a new soul, you would look young and radiant in your pictures.

On the flip side, with enough camera control, or a snap flicker by someone an old soul feels very comfortable with, an excellent picture may emerge. If they have thick flashes of white, it will come out through their eyes. Now that you understand how the soul floats in photographs, and have an idea of aura colors, try combining both elements of ENERGY to understand the composition of one person. Some white to purple auras also emit a fusion of other colors, sometimes rainbow. These souls are rare, but are the most talented, the most chaotic, the most mad, the most sensitive, and the most in tune to the currents of the world. These people RARELY look like themselves in photographs, or they just look like they aren’t “present”.

Imagine mixing a bunch of paint colors together. What do you get? Dark muddy colors. When you take a photo of a rainbow soul, all their aura colors are tangled and weaved around them in a way that creates a grayish black shield. This happens from their colors moving around them so fast. For instance, take a photo of car lights moving fast on any highway of any super busy metro city. You see electrical currents shoot across a photo. If you take a bunch of flies and painted them a bunch of different colors and then set them loose in an empty fish tank, they’d move around so crazy all you would see is GRAY.

Rainbow souls have these same vibrant light currents that move so blazing fast you can’t see them, but you can randomly feel them. These bolts of light differ in strength and luminosity depending on the soul energy of a person. The good thing about rainbow souls is that their energy fields are so dynamically strong that they can greatly have impact on anyone that steps into their circuitry – for life. These people were created to teach and inspire. If used in the negative, they can do a lot of damage without being aware of it. If you have any blues, purples, or rainbow energies, you have to be creative to simmer your currents. The worst thing one can do with energy like this, is stay in one place, do one thing, and have one name. 😉

I’ve been told that I have one of the strongest and most ancient souls alive on this current plane by palm readers, mystics, shaikhs, and sages alike. I don’t photograph too well either and every photo you see of me has to be carefully taken or snapped without my knowledge. However, if I wear colored contacts, which I never do, but tried once, you can take unlimited photos of me and I look like a goddess. Why? The contacts cover the soul peering through the eyes. This, my friends, is the secret old soul test.

To the entertainers out there, and this is important:

When we hold auditions for actors, the camera test is crucial to whether one gets the part or not – as many of you already know. I’ve watched the best performers with great looks, appear old or twisted on camera. You can be the most beautiful person in the world with the greatest acting skills, but fail the camera test. Don’t be sad. There are more meaningful assignments made for people with lights as strong as yours.

By Suzy Kassem

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Age of Light


In the last days of the Light Age, Egypt had been severely raped by Evil and the plagues were in full effect to cripple the weak. The Flood of Noah, Atlantis, and Egypt all happened at the same time and were one and the same. Evil had entered the minds and egos of men stirring up trouble, idolization, diseases, crime, sin, and paranoia. But the part I want to share with people that is very important and current with today’s times is this:

King Tut had sent messages throughout Egypt and across the hemisphere that floods were coming. He had directions “from above” that all people of Egypt and Atlantis, including nations above and below their borders, were to flee to the Giza plateau and climb onto the highest pyramid. For days people flocked all across the desert in caravans and traveled day and night from all parts of the world. At night, desert storms and screaming winds would whisk away the weak and plagues came during the day to steal the young. All had abandoned Thebes and Amarna, but Tut stayed behind to face the devil in the dark of his chambers. Akhenaten had taken fleets of men to spread the news to neighboring tribes and light children. It was said that boats were to arrive at the plateau to escort the people back to the stars. The ones that did not believe the oracle stayed behind with their goods and riches. Those that believed the “Sun family” – fled with legions and merged with other tribes. At the first sight of water, people panicked and stormed up the pyramids. The old were the first to be trampled and women fled without their children. People started kicking and screaming. It was each man for himself and Giza looked like it was covered by mounds of fighting cows and flies. The selfless gave up their seats and stayed behind. The helpless stood in place while pushing the others forth. As strong water currents came crashing with bolts of light from above, the sky split open and boats of light came swooping down to save the people. However, the boats flew past the people at the top and grabbed all the ones in the water. Those that stayed at the top had lived to tell the story.

I tell this story* from my own regressional imagination because it correlates with a similar experience I personally had in Saudi Arabia – of the same exact nature – but with fire. I’ve seen the worst of humanity and I do write from experience. History does and will repeat itself. There ARE spiritual rewards for the selfless. Self-bought extreme material awards are only for the selfish.

Be light. Spread light. Let that light blind you of all division. Of all competition. Of all depression. And of all oppression. Bask yourselves in the seven glorious rays of the magnificent sun. Its what weaves us and feeds us, and unites us as ONE.

– Suzy Kassem

* Copyright 2008, “SISTERS AND SUNS”, Taken from THE TRUE STORY OF KING TUT by Suzy Kassem

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How Human Beings Deny the Truth


How Human Beings Deny the Truth
Taken from

Human beings on Earth like to blow off the truth by claiming that it is simply nonsense, calling it, for example, “funny,” “hilarious,” or “entertaining.” In addition, they automatically disregard the truth messenger as being a “standard-issue schizophrenic who is obviously out of touch with reality.” People desperately try to paint truth messengers as being non-lucid, mentally unstable, illogical, and so self-absorbed that they can’t see things for what they really are. This is a very convenient way to quickly discard the truth and go on with one’s life.

Furthermore, when people come upon new information such as this, they erroneously assume that they have some sort of intellectual high ground over it. They start with the assumption that their belief system is correct, and, for whatever reason, vehemently refuse to acknowledge the possibility that they may have actually been deceived all along by their belief system. And thus, when confronted with counter-evidence, they automatically reject it.

As a matter of fact, human beings are actually pompous enough to think that their status quo worldview is more rational than the truth. They neglect to factor the concept of intentional deception into their logical thought process, and thus fail to realize that the only reason why their worldview seems “rational” is because it is actually composed of a plethora of lies and distortions. So, in one of the greatest ironies ever, human beings think the lies that they are fed are reality, and that the truth, on the other hand, is crazy, unrealistic, and bizarre.

It is truly amazing how people are able to adopt one of Earth’s belief systems (whether it be a specific religion or atheism), walk through the proverbial door of enlightenment (or so they think), shut the door behind them, and then never look back. Worse yet, they are actually proud not to look back–proud of their own stubbornness.

Once human beings are exposed to the truth, their decision to ridicule it manifests so quickly, one could mistakenly think that human beings are actually robots that were programmed to do so. Thus, if people really want to point the finger at someone who does not engage in serious critical thinking, they should go to the nearest mirror and point at themselves (rather than trying to point the finger at the truth messenger).

“There is far more to this world than taught in our schools, shown in the media, or proclaimed by the church and state. Most of mankind lives in a hypnotic trance, taking to be reality what is instead a twisted simulacrum of reality, a collective dream in which values are inverted, lies are taken as truth, and tyranny is accepted as security. They enjoy their ignorance and cling tightly to the misery that gives them identity” (Thomas Cox,



Khartoum Bound

On the train to Aswan.
I have exactly one hour to catch a ferry from there into Wadi Halfa and there I’m supposed to be catching another train that arrives the next day that will take me into Khartoum. I left my U.S passport behind and will be entering Sudan as an Egyptian. I asked their consulate if I’d have any problems, and they said I’d be fine as long as I didn’t act western. So I’m covered in a veil. I just wish my homie Fahad came with me, but he chickened out. I’ve been asking people to come with me to Capetown or Sudan for months, and all I heard were excuses. So I got sick of it and decided to venture myself. All I got to say is this, I’ve been quiet as to what I’ve been up to these past 2 years, but I assure you all my story would make the bestsellers list in a snap. Too much for words. I have seen the worst of the worst.

Thoughts of a Lazy Rebel


As I contemplate
What’s on the horizon

I look back to see
What kind of person
I used to be

Old folks in the park
Children of the dark

Everywhere I look
The universe is silent

And why would you not

Think about the things
That the world forgot

And in 200 years

Who will be sitting
In the park with me

Watching the horizon

By Peter Beda