Age of Light


In the last days of the Light Age, Egypt had been severely raped by Evil and the plagues were in full effect to cripple the weak. The Flood of Noah, Atlantis, and Egypt all happened at the same time and were one and the same. Evil had entered the minds and egos of men stirring up trouble, idolization, diseases, crime, sin, and paranoia. But the part I want to share with people that is very important and current with today’s times is this:

King Tut had sent messages throughout Egypt and across the hemisphere that floods were coming. He had directions “from above” that all people of Egypt and Atlantis, including nations above and below their borders, were to flee to the Giza plateau and climb onto the highest pyramid. For days people flocked all across the desert in caravans and traveled day and night from all parts of the world. At night, desert storms and screaming winds would whisk away the weak and plagues came during the day to steal the young. All had abandoned Thebes and Amarna, but Tut stayed behind to face the devil in the dark of his chambers. Akhenaten had taken fleets of men to spread the news to neighboring tribes and light children. It was said that boats were to arrive at the plateau to escort the people back to the stars. The ones that did not believe the oracle stayed behind with their goods and riches. Those that believed the “Sun family” – fled with legions and merged with other tribes. At the first sight of water, people panicked and stormed up the pyramids. The old were the first to be trampled and women fled without their children. People started kicking and screaming. It was each man for himself and Giza looked like it was covered by mounds of fighting cows and flies. The selfless gave up their seats and stayed behind. The helpless stood in place while pushing the others forth. As strong water currents came crashing with bolts of light from above, the sky split open and boats of light came swooping down to save the people. However, the boats flew past the people at the top and grabbed all the ones in the water. Those that stayed at the top had lived to tell the story.

I tell this story* from my own regressional imagination because it correlates with a similar experience I personally had in Saudi Arabia – of the same exact nature – but with fire. I’ve seen the worst of humanity and I do write from experience. History does and will repeat itself. There ARE spiritual rewards for the selfless. Self-bought extreme material awards are only for the selfish.

Be light. Spread light. Let that light blind you of all division. Of all competition. Of all depression. And of all oppression. Bask yourselves in the seven glorious rays of the magnificent sun. Its what weaves us and feeds us, and unites us as ONE.

– Suzy Kassem

* Copyright 2008, “SISTERS AND SUNS”, Taken from THE TRUE STORY OF KING TUT by Suzy Kassem

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