Are You Ready?

All across the Arab world, the Far East, Africa, and everywhere but the WEST, the buzzing has started and is building in momentum. Anxiety, uncertainty, frustration, and fear is in the air. People are shifting and planning. They’re stocking up and digging. The rich have moved fast, while the ignorant and poor do not yet understand the severity of the situation. This migration is well-warranted for there are areas which are marked as being unsafe — just in case.

The signs of ‘the Time‘ are all around us and people are planning for the unknown. It’s on the TVs and in the papers. Doctors, spiritualists, astronomers, and scientists are flooding the screens. If what they say is true, soon there will be water flooding your homes and streets. You can sit home and relax and wait for it to come through your front door, or make plans — just in case.

Suzy Kassem

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