The Soul in a Photograph

Your soul floats within your body. When you sit, it sits. When you lay down, it does too. However, when you sleep, some souls abandon the body to float to places that are closed to others.

The soul evolves and keeps cycling. Some souls are millions of light years old, while some souls have emerged fresh for the first time within the year, or the past decade. So how can you tell who is ancient amongst the young?

First, the eyes have it. Old souls have intense gazes that make people feel uncomfortable. They have a way of cutting through your soul and detecting all your secrets. Old souls have very intimidating auras and often times people crawl back or hide in their presence. Those that come as guardians of Truth emit the strongest energy fields that sometimes may be misinterpreted as threatening. Those that come with dark souls have vibes that are cold and stagnant. You meet them and you can tap into the black patches in their auras. They seem to lack common sense, understanding, feeling, and compassion. So we have old and young, weak and strong, good and bad. What’s next?

Take a photo. I’m not talking about one that reads auras, although I will tell you that purple and blues immediately signal ancient souls of the 7th. White, gold, and orange signal illumination and divinity. And since we’re on the topic of aura cameras, check and see what color you are and really study those patches. Most psychopaths and human rats can be found with reds, some greens, browns, grays and blacks in their auras. Yes, the shitty gritty colors.

Now, you will have noticed by now that some of your friends may be better looking than you, but it’s YOU who comes out looking the best and the most handsomest in all the group photos. Or vice-versa, hmm?

How could that possibly be?

Again. Your soul floats within your body. When you sit, it sits. When you lay down, it does too. However, there are THREE ways a soul can float within your vessel. One, some people have souls that naturally float outward towards the crown of their foreheads. Two, some souls gravitate like clouds or crowns above our heads. Think about this for a moment. Three, the most common, the soul stays deeply slumbered inside our inner shells – like most normal people.

They say the camera captures the soul. This is very true, but it does not necessarily mean by the way of the eyes. There are people who are photogenic. You can take photos of them day or night, high or lows, at a birthday or funeral, and they always look stunningly GREAT! So this takes us back to how some of your friends may look better than you in photos, take it as a seriously deep compliment.

Here’s the catch, and this has been strictly a life observation that has been proven true. People with slumbering souls, ones that are nestled within their frame, are fresh souls, newbies to the wheel of the universe. They may ACT ancient just by collecting some rocks and habitually browsing book shelves in the New Age section, but in actuality, they are NEW. These people always look great in photographs. ALWAYS. They are always smiling, laughing about nothing, talking about nothing, and succeed in life just by riding along in their happy, yet slumbering ways. These people make great supermodels, TV reporters, actors, administrators, and presidents. Some of these people make beautiful actors on TV, but look like hell in real life.

Now, souls that float above the body (“high”) or migrate towards the forehead, and this gets even more pronounced under the influence of drugs or alcohol, seldom photograph well. How can you take a picture of someone…whose soul is floating midway out of their body? I guarantee you that if you took a picture of Jesus or Buddha, you will NOT get a cover picture for your magazine.

In photos, people with old souls look older or uglier than how they actually look in REAL LIFE. In fact, they look more beautiful in person than in photographs. If you smoke a joint, then take a picture, even if you have a normal soul, you will understand the floating “high” effect I’m talking about. If your soul was nestled inside your body “fresh” like a new soul, you would look young and radiant in your pictures.

On the flip side, with enough camera control, or a snap flicker by someone an old soul feels very comfortable with, an excellent picture may emerge. If they have thick flashes of white, it will come out through their eyes. Now that you understand how the soul floats in photographs, and have an idea of aura colors, try combining both elements of ENERGY to understand the composition of one person. Some white to purple auras also emit a fusion of other colors, sometimes rainbow. These souls are rare, but are the most talented, the most chaotic, the most mad, the most sensitive, and the most in tune to the currents of the world. These people RARELY look like themselves in photographs, or they just look like they aren’t “present”.

Imagine mixing a bunch of paint colors together. What do you get? Dark muddy colors. When you take a photo of a rainbow soul, all their aura colors are tangled and weaved around them in a way that creates a grayish black shield. This happens from their colors moving around them so fast. For instance, take a photo of car lights moving fast on any highway of any super busy metro city. You see electrical currents shoot across a photo. If you take a bunch of flies and painted them a bunch of different colors and then set them loose in an empty fish tank, they’d move around so crazy all you would see is GRAY.

Rainbow souls have these same vibrant light currents that move so blazing fast you can’t see them, but you can randomly feel them. These bolts of light differ in strength and luminosity depending on the soul energy of a person. The good thing about rainbow souls is that their energy fields are so dynamically strong that they can greatly have impact on anyone that steps into their circuitry – for life. These people were created to teach and inspire. If used in the negative, they can do a lot of damage without being aware of it. If you have any blues, purples, or rainbow energies, you have to be creative to simmer your currents. The worst thing one can do with energy like this, is stay in one place, do one thing, and have one name. 😉

I’ve been told that I have one of the strongest and most ancient souls alive on this current plane by palm readers, mystics, shaikhs, and sages alike. I don’t photograph too well either and every photo you see of me has to be carefully taken or snapped without my knowledge. However, if I wear colored contacts, which I never do, but tried once, you can take unlimited photos of me and I look like a goddess. Why? The contacts cover the soul peering through the eyes. This, my friends, is the secret old soul test.

To the entertainers out there, and this is important:

When we hold auditions for actors, the camera test is crucial to whether one gets the part or not – as many of you already know. I’ve watched the best performers with great looks, appear old or twisted on camera. You can be the most beautiful person in the world with the greatest acting skills, but fail the camera test. Don’t be sad. There are more meaningful assignments made for people with lights as strong as yours.

By Suzy Kassem

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