Child of the Blue Star by Suzy Kassem

suzy kassem


My eyes are made of
Two blue flames,
Two different souls,
With at least a dozen
Different names.
I am one of
The shining ones
Who speaks Truth
Without shame.
And in the resonance
Of “AH”,
I breathe only
To vibrate the Light
Of the 7th plane.
I come from
The blue star
That illuminates the dark,
And is the eye
From which the secrets
Of the ancients
Poured down
Like holy rain.
Its electromagnetic sparks
Trigger cobalt darts
That shoot through
My eyes,
Two souls,
And Gizan veins.
Blue wires pulsate
In my mind
And outline
My given cosmic
Feline frame.
My left eye
Eternally cries
For all of humanity’s
And insensitive
Know Truth.
Speak Truth.
That is all what
Ptah proclaims.
Ignore Truth
Need proof
And you will all
Fall to

Suzy Kassem a.k.a
Blue Panther 777

CHILD OF THE BLUE STAR by Suzy Kassem, Copyright 2009-2010. All rights reserved.

suzy kassemsuzy kassem aka blue panther 777,Artwork by Suzy Kassem
“IN GOLD WE TRUST?” by Suzy Kassem, painting sold at Puzzles Art show in Los Angeles in January of 2006 with the formula for “Entering in the 5th”.

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The Wrath of 7 Years

This is an international emergency and plea to the world to take action. The mother of civilization is losing her legs to stand on. Her heart, legs, eyes, and arms have been sold or loaned to other nations. Egypt is being raped of its soul. All Egyptian antiquities must be collected from the vaults of institutions, museum inventories and warehouses, including the homes of black market thieves and coffin robbers, and returned back to Egypt AT ONCE.

This includes, but is not limited to, the bust of Nefertiti, the Rosetta Stone, the Amarna tablet(s), secrets of Thoth, all scrolls, and anything with even the tiniest bit of inscription. All reliefs, statues, relics, busts, jewelry, stones of any kind, including the mercury that was stolen from temples and tombs — must be on mother property so that she may regain her balance. You will know enough is enough when you have given her enough to walk on.

If you ignore this request, Egypt will suffer 7 years of the Sun’s wrath — and every country or home holding something that does not belong to them will experience negative transitions and severe loss. And though I congratulate the Mubarak regime for stepping up on preserving and beautifying Egypt, I do believe that any country that sells itself is a country that stands for nothing – and ultimately does not serve the best interests of its people. These bits and pieces of Egypt that have become scattered all over the place are parts of a greater Truth that must all be brought together for there to be any kind of harmonic stability in the world. If you do not believe me, and prefer not to act, sit back and relax and watch Misery attack.

You cannot expect to rape Egypt for its secrets, disturb, awaken, and dance around the sacred beds of the ancient dead, steal spiritual and ceremonial artifacts that were never meant to be moved or misused, and expect everything to flow smoothly. This is an insult to the cosmic order — and a heavy price will be dealt. All mummies, burial findings, caskets, remains and belongings of the deceased must be returned back to Egypt AT ONCE.

Circus time is over.

And again, how do I know this?

My friendly neighborhood falcon told me so.

– Suzy Kassem

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The Way of the Truthful Citizen

“No moral citizen with a conscience should ever put anything or ANYONE above Truth. I see friends stand up for relatives and friends out of loyalty even when they know the person they are standing with is wrong. Always remain loyal to Truth above all else. If everyone started standing up for what is right, no matter how big or small, then not only will we have a nation of truthful citizens, but justice will always be won, and with justice comes peace. Always be loyal to Truth, because ultimately, it’s the universe that suffers from our own individual cowardice and ignorance.”

– Suzy Kassem


Three Blind Mice and You

“It’s pretty lonely at the top, and you don’t have to be famous to get there. When you feel like you can no longer relate to people to the point where you don’t answer your phone — puts you at the top. Yet, any real person with a human pulse doesn’t like being isolated — for too long. So, you must either find other cool cats like you, or learn to hole cheese with the mice. We were simply not created to be alone. Fame and genius both have their price, but they should not cost you a happy, normal life.”

– Suzy Kassem


Truth Be Told

It’s very important to me to be respected by true talented artists and great minds than by the masses who need to be told how to think. It’s more important for me to do things that are spiritually rewarding because that wealth is what makes me feel alive. I do not touch projects that do not yield personal fulfillment, or puts me in a field with talent that is overmeasured. You won’t find me where there is no Truth. And I’m not one to jump on any bandwagons or join a gold rush without a purpose. I’d rather create my own projects and grow my own fields.

– Suzy Kassem


On Being Good

“Being good does not necessarily draw more good your way. That’s the part of “Attraction” most do not understand. When you are good it’s because you’re sensitive to the need to be good, and because you throw it out there (the goodness) you also attract tests to measure that spirit. THAT is the only main challenge in life. Your job is to make it from start to finish – being good. However, just because you started with the GOOD state of mind, does not mean you will make it through a game of Chutes n’ Ladders EASY- you will struggle being good. That is the ultimate struggle of every man. WE HAVE TO WORK AT BEING GOOD.”

-Suzy Kassem (Dec. 2009)

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Circle of Giving

“There is something called the circle of giving. You pass a dollar around and round…until someone pockets it. We won’t know we have reached the ultimate state of universal peace until we can pass a dollar around the world and it actually makes it across the globe. In these times, you can be good and good and good and you deal with retards that don’t understand that they got to pass it forward. To evolve, pass things forward. Stagnant folks are dead air and don’t help our real purpose – to evolve, to cycle, keep the good times flowing. When you see a rat, no matter how close a friend or relative…nail them. WE have to. So everybody understands the natural cosmic way of the open universe = Harmony. To create the harmony, we need the perfect symphony – study whales and dolphins. Study harmonics. Study animals. Study of the cycle of life. Study the seasons, aging, crop rotation, cycle of birth, the planets and stars, everything goes around and around. You pocket that dollar, you are of no value to this existence. If you see that dollar look ragged and reach in your pocket for a stronger bill (ex.), you are of value to this turning we are all currently experiencing. If you are not aware of the movements going on above our heads and below our feet right now, then I can already discount those who are of no use to our evolution – tons. Relationships are dissolving all over the place, personal awakenings and breakthroughs are in the air. People are becoming more aware of who they are and what they want. Shifts are everywhere. Headaches are common. Instability in any kind of relationship is to be EXPECTED. Whats true will part and what is not will come closer. at the same time, what is meant to be will become a reality and what is your current reality will fade to illusion. This is the time to seek help within. To find out who you are and what means most to you. Follow the light whatever it may mean to you. Fill your lives with light and more lights so you feel alive and open. Close the doors to fluorescents and remove their essence from your walls and floors.”

— Suzy Kassem, Dec 2009

More posts by Suzy Kassem available at: STYLEISKING.BLOGSPOT.COM or SUZYKASSEM.COM