Death Rule #3 by Suzy Kassem

Death Rule #3: Do not forget the dead. Because the departed have left their physical boats DOES NOT mean they have left us. Believe it. And in the time when they have passed on and until you die, you can do a lot for them – and many of them are depending on you. However, due to cosmic law they are forbidden to disturb the living the same way we are forbidden to disturb the dead. You can add goodness to their scales by praying that they be shielded and guided in Light, by repeating vocally good things they did, and by Truthfully vibrating goodness they provided to YOU into the cosmic sphere. The rules of the Dead prevent them from telling you this, but I am. So in other words, the vibration of your deeds in the living must surpass your death. EVERYTHING ELSE is irrelevant.

Suzy Kassem

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