Death Rule #4 by Suzy Kassem

DEATH RULE #4: You have 7 days following the death of a loved one to tap into their vibrations on the physical plane. After someone dies, the symphony of vibrations that swims around their aura automatically gets turned off with their last breath. In this transition from this plane into the next, the “physical” resonance left from that departed soul still rings in the present – for 7 days. In a divine way, this period was heavenly designed to show the deceased the true from the foe and what the living really thought of him or her. This loved one can see and hear everything from a parallel or birds-eye point of view but they are invisible to the living. However, this perspective fades once their complete essence has crossed to the other side. After that, they visit this plane with a soul completely in the ethereal. Within the 7 days of the death of a loved one, find a room you shared energy in together or a place familiar to you both. Let it be your own room with an OPEN window near the bed. If it’s cold, light a candle next to your bed. When you start drifting between consciousness and unconsciousness, think of the person and fill your head with light like the Sun. Ask questions and talk to your loved one. If you do this in a love state of mind, you will feel their love come with the breeze through the window – even if there is none outside. The transaction will be purely telepathic but you will feel their warmth as if it were solar. Believe it. You will think it was all a dream. This warmth you feel envelope your being is actually the PUREST form of LOVE and it will bring tears to your eyes. If you are using your candle, you will feel someone standing next to your bed, sitting on it, or a wave of warm heat around you. It’s the most overwhelming sensation you may ever feel in your lifetime. In this light, quickly send love and forgiveness. You have just been visited.
Suzy Kassem

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