Living Rule #5 by Suzy Kassem

Living Rule #5: You should never force Time the same way you should never force Love. When you actively seek out relationships or events to happen, you are pushing against the cosmic order and ignoring your divine timing. Anything that goes against the natural flow of the universe has reprecautions, or negative reactions. If people didn’t make things happen by force or artificially (man-made), the same way as they don’t force themselves to find somebody, there would be harmony in the universe and less divorces. Don’t force the divine gifts of the universe to give anything to you, and don’t look for instant gifts. Float your boat in the direction you want, with thoughts of what you want, and let the Divine push them your way. Be gracious always. For every hurdle you overcome, a disguised treasure awaits around the corner. Have faith. Live for the treasures in the now and in the future. Every gift and hurdle serves a purpose until the finish line.Until then, float on.
– Suzy Kassem

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