The First Day of the New Blue Age

Today, on January 1st 2010, I gave you the 7 Rules of Light, the 7 Rules of Living, and the 7 Rules for the Dead –and also an introduction to this New Year, a poem on your future, and showed you what was relevant and what was not. My name is Suzy Kassem, also known across the universe and international streets as the one and only Blue Panther. I write as a reflection of Truth, a servant of peace and devoted soldier of Light. I have many names and do many things. However, my real mission is to serve as a warrior of Truth. Let this be the first true day of a revitalized spiritual realization. Pass the knowledge and don’t forget to illuminate your crowns. Thank you all in advance.

Suzy Kassem a.k.a BLUE PANTHER 777

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