Hang the Rats

I miss Rerun. I miss George Jefferson. I miss Joe Pesci, Redd Foxx and Michael Jackson — all the cool shit that was around when things were actually cool. I liked roller skating parties and JAWS, and getting a triple dip of mint chocolate chip with peanut butter sauce and reeses at Friendly’s. I miss the good days when the only security I had to worry about was whether my CDs were going to be stolen out of my car! Now there’s a desperation in the air that blinds eyes and minds of Truth. People’s hearts are turning black because their basic needs are not being met. Everyone around me is so hungry to gain a buck, they will lose a customer or their closest friends for ten cents or a free meal. On top of that, we are in the digital age. Businesses have taken personalization out of their mission statements and now feed us automation and fluff statistics. Music is so synchronized and crapified that we only have pop tarts poppin’ at the top of the charts! We have allowed our privacy, music, art, and society to be dumbed down for a QUICK buck. Countries are being sold so the wolves that dictate them can polish their jackets with the finest gloss. And what about WE THE PEOPLE?

When I say 777 International emergency, I fucking mean it. I am in the middle of the world and the savages are everywhere. To forecast what is to be cast over the west is easy by surveying what I witness here on all levels. Open your minds, eyes, and hearts now. We must make sure every man on the street has food to eat, a place over his head, and peace of mind. I am super perceptive and one of the finest forecasters in the world – across industries and sub-cultures. The turbulence is getting bad. If the people do not have their peace of mind – nobody will. If we do not start standing up so that we may all healthfully stand up together, there will be a severe uprising that could work against us — in the negative. If you do not feel the pulse raging, then you are not human. From L.A, your way, my way…and around the world…

Bring the balance. This is worth fighting for.

The rats are hungry. Look around your neighborhoods, working environments, homes, and all the war zones on the map. We need to push for FAIRNESS in EVERYTHING. Even if it means you get less, be fair. We need to flood universal messages everywhere. Unity –>Justice–>Peace = Truth. Make it so trendy, you are not cool for being EVIL – on any level. TRUTH is the new movement. Stand up, Speak up, speak out, DO. Be prepared to meet the rats — but that’s the fun part. I realized that without Truth in the world, all else is irrelevant. Hang the rats.

Teach all men to fish, but first teach all men to be fair. Take less, give more. Give more of yourself, take less from the world. Nobody owes you anything, you owe the world everything.

Stand up, stand up.
The time is now. Now is the time.


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