Reevaluate Your Heroes

Hey you guys! See that amazing artist over there?

The brilliant painter. The talented writer. The professional skateboarder. The phenomenal DJ, MC, model, actor, or singer. That guy! The one who you agree with his every word. The one you look up to and model all your actions and wardrobe after. The guy you wish you could be! Yes, that one. HIM.

Did you know that he goes home with his earnings and spends it all on whores and liquor after he locks up his kid and wife in a room tied to a bed? Did you know he’s so ignorant that he thinks Mary Poppins is the British Prime Minister and that George Bush is now the VP? Did you know that instead of taking care of his crippled father, who busted his legs by pushing himself too hard to give his son a decent life, he just sits in front of the TV playing video games all day and rejects invitations to speak at charities, or free trips to tour the orphanages of Africa? Instead of getting his poor dad a wheelchair, he gets himself a Lamborghini. Did you know that he actually hates all his fans and wishes the Middle East could be turned into a parking lot, and that the Chinese would all drown in egg drop soup?

People that are put on social platforms these days are idolized blindly by the masses and nobody questions what many of these “stars” really stand for – if anything at all. I’ve met many well-known celebrities, grew up with their children, and know a lot of them personally, and if you knew the truth behind a majority of their real lives, or the thoughts inside their minds, you would be so sick to your stomach that you would not eat or sleep right for one year!

I think it’s time for people to reevaluate WHO they consider as being “star-worthy” mentors for their loved ones and children. Many of the people that embrace magazines and TV screens are selfish, conceited, and ignorant. Just because a graffiti writer has made a name for himself in his narrow field, he thinks people should kiss his feet like they did to Gandhi! I admire the icons of the past like Hepburn, an active humanitarian until her death, and Billie Holiday, who made some moral mistakes that hurt her personally, but compensated for her errors by making her life count for something when she adopted so many homeless kids it drove her into bankruptcy. In this age, it’s hard to find sincere compassionate “stars” that give to the world, more than they take from it.

Adopting one child when you have millions in the bank is an act of showmanship, rather than a true honorable intention. If you care for the homeless or underprivileged, build a school or orphanage. Just don’t do such an act with a camera crew like Oprah and call it selfless GIVING, then turn around and throw a birthday party for yourself with a bill of over 50 million dollars – with the same camera crew there recording that too!

Just because someone is talented in a certain field and recognized for their gifts and talents, does not make them the ultimate HUMAN. The ultimate human is the man who gives to the world more than he takes from it. The honorable man is humble. True talent is humble and gracious. True talent will blush at your compliments and still go out there and try harder.

I think it’s time that we unite as a collective humanity and learn to treat everyone as equals and push to put ideal role models on platforms as rewards for being well-rounded citizens of the earth. Not only should they be good humanitarians, teachers, walking inspirations, or moral enigmas, but people I would want my brothers, sisters, future children, and students to want to mirror for their outstanding qualities. We need to set new standards on what talents and qualities are desired and should be rewarded.

Someone like Britney Spears should not have been given so much attention. The man who spent his entire savings on building a burned down school should be given more attention than she. The media will tell us that people are not interested in things like that, but the same way they make people interested in Britney, they can do to people that are good representatives of the beautiful wide world. Let’s start by requesting to hear more about these people. Call up your TV and radio stations. If you like a singer because their songs make you weep, great! That does not mean you love the singer. It only means you love their songs! We need to clarify and amplify exactly what makes people great. Starting today.

Let’s change these belittling social measurements and pump more meaning into the world right now. We have allowed this rapid rate of degradation to go on for so long. Our society on an international level is being demoralized QUICKLY. What we see on the TV screens is our fault — and the behaviors of the shallow, materialistic and ignorant reflect back to us how we want our children to act and behave. When we flip our channels to them, read about them, and buy into them, we are telling the media that we are as junky as the junk they feed us. I am not OK with it. If you are, you are no better than the man who locks his kids and wife in a room.

Let’s take initiative today. Don’t treat celebrities as gods, but as humans. What they are great at, you might not be as great; however, some things you can do, they cannot. We are all humans. Let’s instill the balance back into the Earth. Take down these false idols and animal gods TODAY. I’m not encouraging censorship because I’m all for freedom of speech. However, I’m asking people to reevaluate what we consider stars, heroes, legends, and icons. After all, we are all created equal and everyone has their own unique star within them. That man on the screen may be there because he shines, but who says you do not also?

By Suzy Kassem

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