The Master Mind Perspective

My dream is simple. One day, I hope to start a charity called the Soul of an Angel Foundation where I could annually take young scholars and thousands of kids from disadvantaged homes on summer trips around the world. By doing so, I hope to create a new breed of compassionate and truthful citizens. By showing kids how other people live, communicate, worship, and struggle, I hope they will one day flourish to become intelligent and selfless mentors and world leaders for a more peaceful and ideal world. By putting these children into worlds outside of their reach, they will attain perspectives from different realities outside of their televisions. They will grow up with a fuller understanding of the cost of war, the price of freedom, the cost of globalization, as well as, witness all the beauty and cruelty going on in the world.

I am the way I am because I was fortunate enough to have a resourceful father who was able to send me around the world at a young age, and drop me off in different countries for long periods of time. My experiences as a young social scientist, have given me the global master perspective that is always alive and present throughout all my writings. I don’t need a sociology degree to understand what is happening in local and global communities – past, present, or future, for I have already mastered the talent of tapping into the pulse of any man on any street in any country around the world. I also have the ability to communicate to any man cross-culturally — from the ruthless robber and gravedigger to any CEO, king or queen alike.

Mastering the global perspective should be a mandatory prerequisite in our learning institutions. By building world-class citizens with the master mind perspective, we can eliminate ignorance, hatred, and unnecessarily greed. We need to constantly shift perspectives to understand the people in front of us and around us. By training our youth to start doing so early in life, they will blossom with enough emotional muscle to be more aware of the actions they take, the decisions they make, and how these choices will impact the lives of others.

It’s time for the world to evolve with progress. EVERYBODY needs to train themselves to study situations from every perspective in order to understand the bigger picture of a problem at hand. By doing so, you will master the ability to meet a peaceful resolution and understand how you handle a certain event could effect your home, workplace, neighborhood, city, state, and world. Start mastering the skill of rotating perspectives TODAY.

By Suzy Kassem*

*It is only my determination to accomplish this dream that keeps me going. This is a super passionate quest for me, because I am sure it will ignite the fulfillment of dreams for many.