Immobilizing America


We cannot progress as a nation, when the majority of our citizens are being crippled. We should not be “fighting for the freedoms” of others in outside countries, while we allow our own to be taken away.

More than half of my generation is not receiving standard health checkups, treatments for their sicknesses, and proper attention to alleviate their growing depression. We cannot be a strong nation, when we are being suffocated by debts, living below our means, struggling in an unfavorable economy, and lied to everyday through our televisions, computer screens, and radios.

It is beyond evident by now that our Nation does not exist to serve the people – it exists to serve big business. After all, that is what capitalism is all about – $. Traveling within America now costs more than traveling overseas. And to travel, we are also being restricted by the number of bags we can carry AND the contents we carry within them! So not only are we being crippled to fulfill a healthy livelihood, but we are also being crippled just in trying to get around.

Not only that, our God-granted rights as human citizens are being ignored and are steadily decreasing. If our America truly cared about us, it would not allow our jobs to be taken overseas – it would try to provide incentives for businesses to STAY in the country rather than turning a cheek to the corporations who hire cheap labor outside our borders. How does this benefit our country? It only benefits the citizens of other countries.

If our America really cared about us, it would have raised the standards of our current healthcare services so that personalization would have never become a fading ghost of the past. Our doctors would not be forced by insurance companies to treat us as statistics, and everybody would be entitled to affordable treatment regardless of pre-existing conditions, employment situations and job titles. It has been talked about and they say it will happen, but when? After our sick parents and friends DIE?

If we have a suffering economy, why is so much attention being given to funding wars and our armies, and not to the people? Why is America not initiating building contracts IN AMERICA to create jobs instead of overseas? And why is it that every celebrity we are forced to love in the mainstream represents nothing but two or more qualities associated with the 7 sins — versus the 7 virtues?

Why is it that teachers are being ill-equipped to do their jobs, and are being laid-off – while useless senators and other fatcat politicians take from the public to further fuel their atrocious personal spending habits? Why are prices going up, but opportunities to progress are going down? Why have our freedoms been decreasing, while the freedoms of big business are only increasing? And why is it easier for a business to relocate abroad, but not us? Why are we really being suffocated and restricted more and more, while corporations are given less limitations and more power to make us grieve then leave?

WE THE PEOPLE are falling like poisoned sheep through a steep hole. “United we stand, divided we fall” was a nationalistic saying we had to memorize and recite in elementary school, but it seems like WE THE PEOPLE have forgotten what that vital line meant for us as a once progressive and healthy nation. The only people that stay true to it are BUSINESSES!

Wake up the sheep. Don’t let them sleep because we are falling deep, deep, too DEEP in a pit created by snakes — while the greedy minority only reaps. Wake up America and let them know that our sign of HOPE was a joke, because the people are going broke and still losing their precious homes. Again, wake up!


— Suzy Kassem
A woman who loves her country, TRUTH, and FREEDOM.

Occupational Inheritence


We have a serious problem going on in the world that has existed since the days of the Pharaohs of Egypt. This problem needs to be addressed and clearly explained so you are aware of one of the main reasons we can’t progress as a healthy evolving society. This social disease I am revealing to all of you is something called occupational inheritance.

Occupational inheritance is when a job or “position” is passed from father to son, or handed down a bloodline, or chosen group. Why is it a bad thing? It often times prevents real positive change from occurring. It can be disastrous to the progression of companies — and entire countries. Why? Because usually “reserving” a position or public post to a relative does not guarantee an organization or country will progress with the times, and usually involves calculated moves to ensure a set agenda gets passed from one generation to another.

We have presidents around the world passing their positions to their sons. By doing so, corrupt regimes offer no hope of real change that benefits the people (i.e the Bush regime). In the Middle east, the Far East, and Africa — occupational inheritance is a threat to the advancement of countries and personal careers. It is a common occurrence that has been swept under the rug, only because it serves private interests, and not the interests of ‘the people’.

For instance, a young man from Egypt can get straight A’s throughout his entire schooling, be the best in his class and the sharpest kid in his country, but still be denied a position for a company or the government based on what his father did for a living. So, even though this fine young man holds the qualities of a great CEO or future prime minister, he will be denied entry into either field or rank — simply because his father herded sheep or tailored shoes.

In America, we experience this phenomena in U.S politics where positions are handed to men that belong to certain families, schools, or societies. Overseas, the same exists, but also with ANY government job or professional career. In many countries, what your father did or still does for a living STILL predicts your future opportunities and status. Believe it.

So what does this mean for us? This means that as long as we have no written restrictions, fairness, auditing, or honest brokers playing a role in the hiring process of our political candidates, and people are unfairly granted powerful positions not based of their personal merit, but their affiliations, we will never EVOLVE. Change is good. Having different perspectives is a good thing for any society to flourish. If a company plays the same cards over and over again in these rapidly changing economical and technological times, they will inevitably suffer a slow death. If we pass powerful government positions to players within the same team with the same agendas, our nations will also suffer slow deaths — particularly if these agendas do not serve the best interests of the people.

If one good king passed his reign to his son, who is proven to have the merits of a good king, so be it. However, this too has not existed since the days of the Pharaohs, or more recently, the Kennedys. And look what happened to them?

When I say we need to wake up from our eternal sleep and rise up for Truth, I mean we better start by being FAIR. To be fair, we need the hand of justice monitoring every high-level career decision, especially when the interests of citizens of an entire country are involved. We have nations around the world that still implement the same rules, strategies, and punishments as their fathers and great great grandfathers. Some of these governments unfairly annihilate opposing voices and competition. They FORCE their ruling over the people — also unfairly.

Anytime there is no fairness in a situation, water eventually begins to boil. And when it starts steaming, violence starts erupting. History repeats itself and will show you the same images over and over again so that we may someday take notice and learn. Sadly, since the days of the Pharaohs, we still have not picked up on a single lesson.

Raise your voices at the sight of any unfairness anywhere, because whenever you deny the hand of Justice, Violence almost always steps in.

By Suzy Kassem

Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.

The Rise of the Green Blood


They exist within every industry and occupation around the world. They come from the streets, the farmlands, the deserts, and all walks of life. They lie, cheat, steal, and mislead. They are driven to make money – as much as possible, as fast as possible. They are often ignorant, lack compassion, uneducated, and insensitive. Yet, most importantly, they lack moral values and ETHICS.

You can find them driving around in the flashiest cars and owning the biggest houses. They act like they’re elite, but lack basic common sense, good judgment, and the class of a blue blood elitist. They are called Green Blood because their blood only flows for money and they commonly amass their wealth via corrupt and unethical means.

That building contractor that sells luxury homes in the million dollar range, misleads his buyers into thinking they are buying “premium” property because his houses do look well-built to the eye; however, once inside, the walls are made thin with the cheapest materials. Knobs and hinges break off at the touch of a hand, and one buyer had his roof collapse on his kid’s bedroom that now the child sleeps in the intensive care unit of a hospital. These developers exist everywhere and they build hazardous buildings using the cheapest resources – and charge 10X what the property is actually worth. Green blood.

That doctor in Beverly Hills that is charging $50 for a full needle of Botox has customers lined up outside his door when he arrives to his newly opened office each morning in his Hummer. After a month of providing his rejuvenating services, several customers, including one well-known Hollywood celebrity charged him with mixing water and urine into their Botox injections. Green blood.

That distributor that provides children lunches to public schools, charges the city .50 cents per each kid’s meal and claims prices went up with his wholesalers. In reality, he only pays a dime for the total cost of the products used to make one school lunch per child. He assures the school district that he is buying middle of the range products, but in reality, he is buying cans of food from big wholesale businesses for deep discounts — for near expiration products. Then, he changes the dates on the cans to make them look new. Green blood.

That senator in Washington, who cheated his way through school, is over 60 years old, still owes money for his student loans, left his wife and children for a 20-year old intern, and takes all the monetary donations from his constituents and supporting businesses to travel around the world with his honey on his private jet because she gets high off of achieving orgasms thousands of feet up in the air. In the meantime, the school’s in his district are cutting teachers, the poverty and crime rates are increasing, and all he cares about is that his wife Susan doesn’t get access to any of his bank accounts. Green blood.

In America, green blood sustains itself even in failing economies. In Arab countries, green blood multiplies to create relationships built on bribes and corruption: with officials at borders, customs offices, immigration personnel, importing and exporting patrol, and police. In Europe, they work for banks and media companies. They alter numbers, smudge results, dilute products, and will annihilate competition (humans or brands) for a cost. They are everywhere. While the ethical citizens of this earth work HARDER to stay afloat in our unstable economy, the green bloods work LESS and steal MORE.

They are created at all ages. They create themselves. They take shortcuts to success. They could be within your circle of friends or in your family. They have snake and rat-like personalities. They are often manipulative charmers that smile to your face but have deeply hidden motives. They lack standard manners and usually take more than they sincerely give. They will lie to you with an angelic smile and play the role of a true friend just to cheat you.

Green Bloods are degrading and demoralizing the world. They are annihilating all standards for a decent society. Nowadays to get ahead, you have to deal with green blood cliques. If your hands are clean, they won’t let you get ahead unless you play their games. If you are threatening with your honorable intentions or work style, they will get their green blood “affiliates” to stand in your way. Since ancient times, green bloods have existed. Yet, in today’s world, they have multiplied at such a rapid speed that it’s easier to get ahead by becoming one of them — and that is exactly what’s happening in these turbulent and stressful times.

Stay good. Be true to you and stay close to Truth. Once the whole world turns green blood, red will only be eaten. Mark these words.

Starting today, only do what is right and STAND UP for all that is right — regardless of cost. Your actions, no matter how big or small, will make a difference to the greater vibration. Do it for the world. Do it for your children. BE HONEST AND FAIR ALWAYS. Let’s upgrade the goodness for a better future. Be good and work at being good. Play fair to defeat the Green. If you accept their discounts and bribes, even if you need their offers, you are working against the greater vibration.

Believe it. The Eye can see and hear it.

— Suzy Kassem

The Noble Word

In the present, the power of a WORD is carelessly being underestimated. There was once a time when WORDS made men real MEN. A man that does not keep his word cannot be estimated. Remember that. These men are of no value to the home-front or on a global scale.

How so?

A man that does not keep his word, keeps other things from you. A man that does not value his words, stands for nothing, and in no way adds value to the world. Without words meaning anything, we stop meaning anything. It’s getting to the point where nobody means what they say or says what they really mean. To bring back Truth, we have to start speaking Truth. The world is collapsing because Truth is leaving us — from personal domestic units to entire governing bodies. If we allow lies to be built on our foundations, all empires will collapse. We are going to collapse. It’s time for everybody to start being truthful at all times. It is the only way we will win. – Suzy Kassem

Sea of Tears


He’s contemplating suicide –
Counting the tides,
Watching lovers in stride,
Thinking of the time
Her eyes met his,
Lost in a kiss
And the erratic wires
That ignited the fire
His insides.

Over his shoulder,
He watches a fisherman
Catch a fish.
Then he remembers
The line
He had drafted
To catch his exclusive find
By the mind,
And instantly
A gleam in his eye
In the darkness
Like a lighthouse
Peering across the

But now,
He had lost his bait-
Due to his shallowness,
And miserable fate,
And his hollowness
Was steepening.
Like a disease
It was consuming
His soul
And its pain
Was deepening!

The waves were crashing
With the clenches of his heart
As his guilt was eating him!
All he could think about
Was the delicate fish
Which he had
Let slip,
And how his hook
Had cheated

SEA OF TEARS by Suzy Kassem, Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.

Keep it Floating by Suzy Kassem

Write your dreams on a feather.

Then blow it in the direction your heart wants it to flow.

Stay focused on that feather throughout your lifetime.

Follow it and keep blowing it wherever you wish to go.

Just don’t ever let it hit the ground.

If you should ignore your feather for even a second, you immediately commit the greatest spiritual violation to yourself. When you allow it to fall, you cheat your heart by silencing the passions that initially drove your feather.

Your soul will never forgive you for betraying your heart.

So, keep it floating. A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers.

By Suzy Kassem

Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.