Occupational Inheritence


We have a serious problem going on in the world that has existed since the days of the Pharaohs of Egypt. This problem needs to be addressed and clearly explained so you are aware of one of the main reasons we can’t progress as a healthy evolving society. This social disease I am revealing to all of you is something called occupational inheritance.

Occupational inheritance is when a job or “position” is passed from father to son, or handed down a bloodline, or chosen group. Why is it a bad thing? It often times prevents real positive change from occurring. It can be disastrous to the progression of companies — and entire countries. Why? Because usually “reserving” a position or public post to a relative does not guarantee an organization or country will progress with the times, and usually involves calculated moves to ensure a set agenda gets passed from one generation to another.

We have presidents around the world passing their positions to their sons. By doing so, corrupt regimes offer no hope of real change that benefits the people (i.e the Bush regime). In the Middle east, the Far East, and Africa — occupational inheritance is a threat to the advancement of countries and personal careers. It is a common occurrence that has been swept under the rug, only because it serves private interests, and not the interests of ‘the people’.

For instance, a young man from Egypt can get straight A’s throughout his entire schooling, be the best in his class and the sharpest kid in his country, but still be denied a position for a company or the government based on what his father did for a living. So, even though this fine young man holds the qualities of a great CEO or future prime minister, he will be denied entry into either field or rank — simply because his father herded sheep or tailored shoes.

In America, we experience this phenomena in U.S politics where positions are handed to men that belong to certain families, schools, or societies. Overseas, the same exists, but also with ANY government job or professional career. In many countries, what your father did or still does for a living STILL predicts your future opportunities and status. Believe it.

So what does this mean for us? This means that as long as we have no written restrictions, fairness, auditing, or honest brokers playing a role in the hiring process of our political candidates, and people are unfairly granted powerful positions not based of their personal merit, but their affiliations, we will never EVOLVE. Change is good. Having different perspectives is a good thing for any society to flourish. If a company plays the same cards over and over again in these rapidly changing economical and technological times, they will inevitably suffer a slow death. If we pass powerful government positions to players within the same team with the same agendas, our nations will also suffer slow deaths — particularly if these agendas do not serve the best interests of the people.

If one good king passed his reign to his son, who is proven to have the merits of a good king, so be it. However, this too has not existed since the days of the Pharaohs, or more recently, the Kennedys. And look what happened to them?

When I say we need to wake up from our eternal sleep and rise up for Truth, I mean we better start by being FAIR. To be fair, we need the hand of justice monitoring every high-level career decision, especially when the interests of citizens of an entire country are involved. We have nations around the world that still implement the same rules, strategies, and punishments as their fathers and great great grandfathers. Some of these governments unfairly annihilate opposing voices and competition. They FORCE their ruling over the people — also unfairly.

Anytime there is no fairness in a situation, water eventually begins to boil. And when it starts steaming, violence starts erupting. History repeats itself and will show you the same images over and over again so that we may someday take notice and learn. Sadly, since the days of the Pharaohs, we still have not picked up on a single lesson.

Raise your voices at the sight of any unfairness anywhere, because whenever you deny the hand of Justice, Violence almost always steps in.

By Suzy Kassem

Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.