Immobilizing America


We cannot progress as a nation, when the majority of our citizens are being crippled. We should not be “fighting for the freedoms” of others in outside countries, while we allow our own to be taken away.

More than half of my generation is not receiving standard health checkups, treatments for their sicknesses, and proper attention to alleviate their growing depression. We cannot be a strong nation, when we are being suffocated by debts, living below our means, struggling in an unfavorable economy, and lied to everyday through our televisions, computer screens, and radios.

It is beyond evident by now that our Nation does not exist to serve the people – it exists to serve big business. After all, that is what capitalism is all about – $. Traveling within America now costs more than traveling overseas. And to travel, we are also being restricted by the number of bags we can carry AND the contents we carry within them! So not only are we being crippled to fulfill a healthy livelihood, but we are also being crippled just in trying to get around.

Not only that, our God-granted rights as human citizens are being ignored and are steadily decreasing. If our America truly cared about us, it would not allow our jobs to be taken overseas – it would try to provide incentives for businesses to STAY in the country rather than turning a cheek to the corporations who hire cheap labor outside our borders. How does this benefit our country? It only benefits the citizens of other countries.

If our America really cared about us, it would have raised the standards of our current healthcare services so that personalization would have never become a fading ghost of the past. Our doctors would not be forced by insurance companies to treat us as statistics, and everybody would be entitled to affordable treatment regardless of pre-existing conditions, employment situations and job titles. It has been talked about and they say it will happen, but when? After our sick parents and friends DIE?

If we have a suffering economy, why is so much attention being given to funding wars and our armies, and not to the people? Why is America not initiating building contracts IN AMERICA to create jobs instead of overseas? And why is it that every celebrity we are forced to love in the mainstream represents nothing but two or more qualities associated with the 7 sins — versus the 7 virtues?

Why is it that teachers are being ill-equipped to do their jobs, and are being laid-off – while useless senators and other fatcat politicians take from the public to further fuel their atrocious personal spending habits? Why are prices going up, but opportunities to progress are going down? Why have our freedoms been decreasing, while the freedoms of big business are only increasing? And why is it easier for a business to relocate abroad, but not us? Why are we really being suffocated and restricted more and more, while corporations are given less limitations and more power to make us grieve then leave?

WE THE PEOPLE are falling like poisoned sheep through a steep hole. “United we stand, divided we fall” was a nationalistic saying we had to memorize and recite in elementary school, but it seems like WE THE PEOPLE have forgotten what that vital line meant for us as a once progressive and healthy nation. The only people that stay true to it are BUSINESSES!

Wake up the sheep. Don’t let them sleep because we are falling deep, deep, too DEEP in a pit created by snakes — while the greedy minority only reaps. Wake up America and let them know that our sign of HOPE was a joke, because the people are going broke and still losing their precious homes. Again, wake up!


— Suzy Kassem
A woman who loves her country, TRUTH, and FREEDOM.