Keep Feeding Your Minds


Traveling expands the mind, rotates your perspectives, facilitates the spreading of ideas, and is the mandatory mission of every earth citizen. To not explore unknown territories is a crime to your existence. To not leave your home city or state to venture out into foreign pastures is ignorance in itself.

Traveling increases the understanding of other people and communities. It helps build tolerance, awareness, and your existence in foreign territories can offer external solutions to internal problems that can be targeted from outside angles. I make sure I leave a mark on cities I’ve lived in, visited, or crossed – whether by volunteering in neighborhoods, influencing the youth, spreading visions of light, or offering guidance to governments and institutions.

So why should you get moving?

You are a more valuable and powerful citizen if you keep moving and affecting people, versus remaining stationary and only affecting your immediate family or work environment. All the prophets, greatest teachers, healers, light messengers, warriors, peacemakers, and revolutionaries were ALL very well-traveled, kept traveling, and encouraged traveling.

NOT MOVING is fearing all that moves on the other side. And simply put, you cant move things by not moving.

— Suzy Kassem

Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.