The Third Eye of Tokio Aoyama

One of my most favorite artists is the amazing Tokio Aoyama from Japan. His work is majestic, divine, soulful, multidimensional, cosmic, jazzy, visionary, and out of this world. Tokio’s paintings capture limitless depth, styles, and breadth. Take a peep through this beautiful rainbow child’s kaleidoscope. In 2007, I curated an art show called PANTHALAND in Los Angeles and invited Tokio Aoyama to feature some of his work. There were over 77 other graffiti and street artists on display from all over the world. It was the slickest international exhibition to date. On the microphone, I had Ladybug Mecca from Digable Planets and Bahamadia. On the turntables, Egyptian Lover. On the floors, the Pop Lockin’ Gorillas and some cheetah girls.

Suzy Kassem Tokio Aoyama Panthaland

Panthaland Art Show by Suzy Kassem aka Blue Panther 777 on 7/7/07 in Los Angeles, introducing Tokio Aoyama and 76 other brilliant artists from around the world.


Self-portrait: Tokio Aoyama

Suzy Kassem

Oct 17, 2010