Your Faith is Your Conscience

You discover your true faith when you start flowing with your conscience. After lessons, visions, and theories validate themselves to you, you build faith in that hypothesis/ feeling/ idea that originated from your own heart and mind — not that of others. Before you submit to any one religion, create your own and find which one out there resonates closest with the one already in your heart. This is the way to choose your faith. After I removed all the cultural coatings/traditions that disguised each religion, I discovered the soul to be the same in all of them. Your heart recognizes Truth before the mind does. Therefore, it is hard for me to say I believe in just one religion, when my heart recognizes the truths in them all.

We are all reflections of each other and come from the same light source. We are all more similar than different. 777 reflects to me a call for universal synergy. It is the code for an international spiritual emergency. It unlocks minds that were meant to be awakened. People will receive the number without knowing what it means or stands for, yet it will turn a light on inside. 777 is the universal PULSE. It is not a religion, or cult, or society, or group thing, or his or her idea. It is not a concept for sale. It is the number to dial/vibrate for PEACE. You have nothing to lose but to try it. — Suzy Kassem