Tides of Strides

suzy kassem

People need to stop thinking like cults, teams, associations, parties, my country – your country, my gang or yours…and look at each part of the world as part of their arm, leg, eyes, and heart. We are all one. Egypt will get a new leader that promises hope just like Obama, but these puppets are engineered by the same machine for the NWO dream. Sparks of revolutions will ripple over the next two years across the world (thanks to the courage of Tunisia and Egypt), but the world will stand at the same time as ONE once the youth stand up in America and realize they have feet and grounds to stand on. -SUZY KASSEM

The Year to Love

suzy kassem

It would be a dream come true if everybody practiced only LOVE in 2011. No matter how much someone or something gets to you, try your best to contain your anger, bitterness, envy, egotism, disgust, indifference, jealousy, frustration, or hurt by BREATHING LOVE. That is the challenge for this year. Make LOVE your only religion — not just a trendy slogan on a t-shirt. The hardest part of the challenge, is suppressing your usual response whenever darkness arises…and reacting with LIGHT. WE ALL need to work towards turning the light on in the world. It’s not easy, but we should try our best. — Suzy Kassem

Words Not Weapons

Suzy Kassem

No human is ALLOWED to hurt or kill another – whatever the reason. There is no difference between raping and killing someone, their soul gets raped regardless. No God would want to see us massacre his own children, nor is ‘training to massacre’ permitted. Those that condone killing should be the ones fighting these wars. I blame the marine that kills as equally as the one who rapes – period. Each man is responsible for his own actions. We need to use words not weapons. War comes from the word “WORDS”. Only the man void of logic picks up a weapon. A man of logic and with a heart will use WORDS. – Suzy Kassem

Solar Vision

suzy kassem

The sun’s rays have vision and gives us vision. However, it is the birds eyes and the two invisible angels by your side that record everything. Nothing goes unnoticed throughout the universe. Wherever there is a vibration, there are eyes and ears. Some energies don’t need ears or vision to see or hear, they can feel what is in your heart and tap into all your sins and fears. –Suzy Kassem

Our Children

One thing many people do not understand is that you can never control the hearts and passions of your children. What you do not stand up for today, your child may decide to in the future. They may pay a heavier price for standing up for their hearts then, when it is way easier for you to do so in your time NOW. Stand up now so they don’t have to. THAT is LOVE…caring for the future of ALL CHILDREN. – Suzy Kassem

What is Truth?

Truth is the only brand worth breathing and believing. Stand for Truth in everything you do, and only then does your life have meaning. – Suzy Kassem



Truth is not a thing

Or a concept.

It is as multidimensional

In its meaning

As it is in its reflection.

It is both invisible

And visible.

It carries tons of weight,

But can be carried.

It is understood first through the spirit

Before science,

And felt in the heart,

Before the mind.

Truth is not always heard by reason,

Because reason sometimes

Ignores Truth.

Always listen to your conscience.

Your conscience is your heart

And reason is your mind.

Your mind is there to reason

With your heart.

But remember,

Truth is in your heart,

And only through your heart

Can you connect to the light of God.

He who is not motivated by his heart

Will not see Truth.

And he who thinks only with his mind,

Will be blind to Truth.

He who does not think

With his conscience,

Does not stand by God,

For the language of light

Can only be decoded by the heart.

He who reads and recites words of God

Also does not stand by God –

If he merely understands

Words with his mind

But not his heart.

Truth is black and white,

And the entire spectrum

Of colors in-between.

It can have many parts,

But has a solid foundation.

Truth lacks perfection,

For it is the reflection of all,

Yet its reflection as a whole,

Is more beautiful

Than the accumulated flaws

Of the small.

Truth is the only brand

Worth breathing

And believing.

So stand for truth

In everything you do,

And only then

Does your life have


“WHAT IS TRUTH?” by Suzy Kassem, Copyright 2010.

All Rights Reserved. Also found in ‘Rise Up and Salute the Sun’.

>Our World in 2010

>Closing the door on the past year, I thought I’d share the doom-laden photos of 2010 taken from all over the world.

In this photo taken on Friday, March 19, 2010, a farmer works in a poppy field in Marjah, Afghanistan. When U.S., Afghan and NATO forces stormed Marjah in February, they were instructed to seize large opium stashes but leave farmers’ poppy fields alone. Oh really?