Every time you hear of a negative reaction done to protesting civilians anywhere in the world – DO NOT buy anything for 7 days. TRY HARD. TRY very hard. Our governments will feel the difference.

Slow down your consumption of all material goods starting TODAY. It will work to your benefit – there will be lots of sales in the future. Do not buy gas from BP. Even if you have to pay a little more, do it for all the dead animals in the sea. Try to conserve your gasoline usage. Buy lots of water and keep it stored. Cut down on soda. Brown sodas have been proven to be cancerous (their coloring). Try to spend your weekends without making major purchases. You should already have everything you need, even if it’s just weed. Nobody cares what you wear, what you drive, or how you do your hair. That game is long over, my friends. In these times, nobody even cares if you wear the same shirt and just keep washing it. Everybody has their own problems.

Do not be distracted by corny pop culture – or their pop tart vultures and bullshit icons that lack substance and have nothing of value to say. Create and converse amongst yourselves without spending money. We will do this slowly as a silent protest, and if they retaliate by hiking prices – we will take to the streets. You should not be constantly worrying about tomorrow or the end of the month. You should only be caring about living happily TODAY. THAT IS what is called “LIVING”.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln: “If by the mere force of numbers, a minority should deprive a majority of any clearly written constitutional right, it might, in a moral point of view, justify revolution.” – Suzy Kassem aka BLUE PANTHER 777