Erase the False Perception

Did you know that Muslims believe in and love Jesus as much as Catholics and Christians? Yes, there is even a tomb waiting for him in Mecca to honor his resurrection and departure. Jesus is cited in the Quran the same way as in the Bible. The ONLY difference between the bible and the Quran is that believe Jesus was a prophet – another light messenger – but not the SON of GOD. The Muslims believe there was equality between all of God’s messengers – as there is equality amongst ALL MEN. This is the only difference between the Bible and Quran! THE ONLY DIFFERENCE.

SO….when you see and hear someone that is Christian or Catholic putting down Muslims – for no reason – but their religion, know that these people are IGNORANT. They do not read and they have allowed fools to misguide them. Those that follow fools are not following their conscience. WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF THE SAME GOD. Do not hate your brother because he likes mint chocolate chip ice cream while you like chocolate.

WAKE UP! Evil divides to conquer. If we allow the world to stand misguided and divided, the longer evil will plunder! ALL MEN AND WOMEN ARE CREATED EQUAL — and every soul will be accounted for their own conscience. All else is irrelevant. — Suzy Kassem

Be the Beautiful Neighbor

I realized that the problem in the world is not that we have all these hardcore religious extremists trying to push their agendas on everybody else, but the fact that none of them really understand the WORDS of any of the religions they claim to follow. There really is no problem with any of the world’s religions – the foundations and guidelines of all of them are essentially the same. To make the world better, all we need to do is make sure the Christian that calls himself a Christian truly ACTS and speaks like a good Christian. And the Muslim that claims to be a good Muslim, really BEHAVES like a good Muslim. The Jew who claims to be Jewish should read the book again to remember the Arab was once his brother.

Be wary of the man who is quick to put down another man’s faith. His love for Truth is not deep enough for him to want to explore additional truths outside his borders. His faith is not deep enough for him to really want to read all the way to that page in God’s book which reminds him that we are all one. God is not in a book! He is in our words and actions. Forgive them, for they read and recite lines they DO NOT UNDERSTAND. – Suzy Kassem

We Are ALL Reflections of Each Other


We are all children of the same source. Our different cultures have interpreted the image of the ONE in so many different ways that their hearts translate/understand “HIM/IT/SHE”.

By creating so many different images of “IT”, we have distorted the truth that we all come from the same “THING”. This delusion that we are different, or better than one another is what is dividing us. It says in every holy book that WE ARE ALL EQUAL. The only thing that separates us is the weight of our hearts. THAT IS IT! We are all part of the same rainbow. We are all reflections of each other.

Language is still separating us even though technology is bringing us closer together. If you whisper God’s “word” to one ear in a church, it will be something completely different by the time it comes out of the 40th mouth of the ear that last heard “God’s word”. Try it in a classroom or at a dinner event. If you can’t control a simple message in one hour in a church, then how do you expect to preserve its meaning after 10,000 years?

We cannot control distortions of language because we can’t control how others interpret the meaning of words, things, images. We can’t control perception, nor motives or sincerity. Plus, the way we communicate has changed so much since we were born. The slang words we used in the 80s or 60s are completely different than the language you hear now. We don’t hear those words anymore. Language is constantly CHANGING. I think our God is much wiser than to depend on a piece of paper or stone to keep “his word” intact in original condition – without outside manipulation or biased translators. “God” put TRUTH in our hearts. In our hearts is where we find “God” — and we access him by doing what is right – speaking what is right — in the name of Truth and Love only. This is all I mean by the “tongue or mouth of God”. When you do good things, Truth channels through you and this is “the tongue of God”. Your heart is your temple. The more truth you conquer, the more your heart weighs. It is all about the heart. He who says otherwise…question the truth in their heart. — Suzy Kassem