The Price of Gold is Blood

If you look at all the war zones across the world, you can find the true source behind the bloodshed very easily. First know, that war is not an activity chosen by men with hearts. Instead they are created by men who function on reason without logic. The only reason these enterprising greedy men encourage war is because they see the dollar as their god. Today’s wars aren’t about protecting the people, but protecting self-interest. “Their” self-interests.

Right now in the Ivory Coast, a very brutal civil war is going on over COCOA. In Congo, there is severe violence over COLTAN. In Rwanda, it’s still DIAMONDS. In Afghanistan, it is OPIUM. The Middle East, OIL. In Vietnam, it was RUBBER. You never hear of us going to war against the British for polluting the Gulf, or standing up for all the women and children getting torn and raped in Africa. It is never about the PEOPLE’S INTERESTS. NEVER. It is about the black gold, and all the resources that could yield more and more gold. The price is BLOOD. Very innocent blood. – Suzy Kassem