While the People are Distracted

While all eyes are on Japan:

Basically, we invade Bahrain “with the help of Saudi Arabia”, hundreds of protesters get killed in Bahrain, the UN approves bombing Qaddafi, Yemen is protesting HARD, bloody siege in Ivory Coast escalating, and the American interest is ALL OVER THE PLACE. Instead of tending to the Haitians, Japanese, or Africans…we are invading Bahrain while putting a gas nozzle to the head of Saudi Arabia and forcing leaders out of their own countries.

We have selfish thugs bullying and crippling the earth. Everything is being RUSHED and you have to stop to question WHY. Calamities do happen in clusters; however the growing intensity of events happening on the world’s stage can no longer be brushed off as coincidence. Themes, patterns, and messy schemes are unraveling all around us. We are seeing clues to a very calculated production way greater than anything Hollywood could ever put together. — Suzy Kassem