Be the Beautiful Neighbor

I realized that the problem in the world is not that we have all these hardcore religious extremists trying to push their agendas on everybody else, but the fact that none of them really understand the WORDS of any of the religions they claim to follow. There really is no problem with any of the world’s religions – the foundations and guidelines of all of them are essentially the same. To make the world better, all we need to do is make sure the Christian that calls himself a Christian truly ACTS and speaks like a good Christian. And the Muslim that claims to be a good Muslim, really BEHAVES like a good Muslim. The Jew who claims to be Jewish should read the book again to remember the Arab was once his brother.

Be wary of the man who is quick to put down another man’s faith. His love for Truth is not deep enough for him to want to explore additional truths outside his borders. His faith is not deep enough for him to really want to read all the way to that page in God’s book which reminds him that we are all one. God is not in a book! He is in our words and actions. Forgive them, for they read and recite lines they DO NOT UNDERSTAND. – Suzy Kassem