A Truly Good Person

suzy kassem

To know the good from the bad, measure the heart.

A truly good person will never be afraid to admit they don’t know the answer to something. This is the first test of their ego.

A truly good person will see to the welfare of others before himself. This is true.
A truly good person will speak truth, act with truth, and stand for Truth.
A truly good person is not afraid to think from his heart; therefore, allowing nonconformist decisions, viewpoints, and perspectives to lead his life. By following his heart, he stands with his conscience, and only with God.

Everybody was born with a mind for a reason — to reason with your heart. That is it. Your heart is where all the real mind power / soul power comes from. Sometimes people will follow their heart without logic. This is why reason exists, for there to be balance. We were not meant to follow the mind and ignore the heart. Instead, we were MEANT TO follow the heart over the mind. This is why the world is crashing. Give your hearts voices and wings and let them do their thing. Speak up, stand up, and keep correcting the false perceptions. Stay true to your heart’s views and keep chanting for peace and justice. — Suzy Kassem

At Least a Million

There are over a million types of fish in the sea as there are flowers in all of the world’s gardens. There are at least a million different types of rocks/minerals as there are birds. To believe we are the only “intelligent beings” on this earth and beyond is ignorance. We have at least a million types of species that exist within our universe and on other planets — as the potential and possibilities of building upon any single atom is infinite.

If you do not believe in life beyond the ground you walk on, then you are too boxed in that little box in your mind. There are at least a billion people on this earth and no two faces look exactly the same. So it would be sad and ignorant to assume that we have seen all of God’s miracles. – Suzy Kassem 777

Understand CONSENT

This is the most important information to be shared with you ever. Please seriously reflect over these words carefully, and be more aware of your actions (and passive silence).

I know that one of the cosmic laws of the universe is based on PERMISSION. Meaning, nobody can enter your house or step on your land/planet without PERMISSION. Even evil abides by this rule, and you can find this reoccurring theme in books, our war history, and scary movies. Remember, there is at least one truth to every myth. Even Dracula needs your permission to enter your house. This principle is even engraved into our laws. It is called CONSENT. Even EVIL needs consent.

So, essentially, for every bad thing that happens on our planet — one of us, or a group of us – invites it to happen. Granting “permission” could be one smile, one thought, or doing nothing and allowing something bad to happen – while knowing it is not right. Also, by getting excited about gore and death, we encourage it to go on. Every time you pay for a movie ticket to see a horror or blood thriller, you give a nod for the real kind to actually continue. Partake in Halloween, and you approve the satanists to walk the earth. CONSENT. There are many crafty ways of getting your consent without you even being aware. In today’s world, it is called “the media” and “creative marketing”.

All around us, we have all these crazy signs and statues that tell us bad stuff is going to happen, and we have all these satanic symbols and idols planted in the middle of our cities across the globe…and we brush them off. Just by allowing them, we approve evil to exist amongst us. It’s a tricky way for approval, but it qualifies as PERMISSION! — Suzy Kassem

The Valuable Human

You know, in all this time since the Japan disaster, we could have done so much. We should at least be dump piling tons and tons and tons of sand over those reactors. If we did that everyday since today…

I would build large limestone spheres all around Fukishima to send the radiation upwards higher. But the tricky part is, planes would have to come in the hundreds or even thousands at a time to quickly pour tons and tons of crushed limestone to contain the radiation AT ONCE. If we had the military cooperation of all nations, we would be able to do this quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, interests are elsewhere. The clock is ticking…radiation is rising in several cities across the country. Some major cities have contaminated drinking water and milk. The numbers are hidden from you, limits have been raised, and reporting has been intentionally ignored and downplayed. There are cities in America where you are increasing your chances of cancer every time you shower, brush your teeth, and wash your face. Every time you pour milk in your cereal, your coffee, or your cat’s dish, you are accelerating your risk of cancer. THIS IS TRUE.

SO why don’t they tell us THE TRUTH?
Mass hysteria will kill commerce. People will stop buying dairy products and farmers will go broke. Then farmers wont have money to pay for their expenses or their homes. Cheese companies will go bankrupt. Nobody will touch eggs or even creamer. People will stop buying fresh produce altogether. And water, nobody will pay a water bill! Most water companies are privately owned. Most wells have been privatized. This is BIG BIG business that will set off a chain of reactions that will put a dent in our economy. If we freak out, then other countries will also panic. And WE can’t panic, because it’s an AMERICAN company that has manufactured and sold those nuclear plants to begin with: G.E.: the God-Power brand that did not pay a dime in taxes.

So, by not showing us the numbers, or fudging them, Big Business can still exist even if you don’t. Sure, we are the consumers, they need us…so you think. But a new consumer is born everyday. That saying in the 80s where the consumer is always right…no longer is respected today in the service industry. Nowadays, even doctors know you are just another statistic. We ARE merely statistics. Personalization is a mirage of the past. Now companies just want to cut down on everything and automate every need for a HUMAN.

Opportunists are the ones killing and raping the world. They will poison and destroy anything if there is a penny in doing it. Eliminate these people and there will be peace between brothers. Only then will every “statistic” rise again to become a valuable human. – Suzy Kassem

The Himba

Dozens of languages disappear forever each year, taking with them unique worldviews and a priceless piece of human history and diversity. More now than ever, indigenous people are fighting hard to protect their lands, languages, and cultures from rapidly becoming extinct.

The Himba are a tribe of nomadic pastoralists who inhabit the Kaokoland area of Namibia. The women are most notable for their intricate hairstyles and traditional jewelery.

Himba men and woman wear few clothes apart from a loin cloth or goat skinned mini-skirt. They also cover their bodies with red ochre and animal fat to protect themselves from the sun and to add a rich red tint to their overall appearance. The Himba are the masters of simplicity and provide great role models if you are considering a change of lifestyle…or are not grateful for what you already have.

No Mother Would Divide Her Children

If you keep labeling people so you can forget they are human, your conscience will pay a heavy price. DO NOT call yourself a child of God if you do not understand His true words. If you do not understand that all men were created equal, then you do not even understand the first line of your religious books.

He who preaches ‘my religion or the highway’, is not going the right way, nor do you stand by God or for God. Remove the blackness from your hearts and fill them with Light. Only then will you see the world using God’s true sight. – Suzy Kassem