Dollar Over Conscience


If a hotel owner who owns property on a beach can pull in $65,000 a day during high season, he will do anything to keep his business going. If one day a shark comes along and kills two children on his property, the owner will immediately cover up the event and tell his guests that the kids accidentally hit their heads on a boat. Then he will pay a fisherman to claim it was his boat, and saw the whole thing.

He will then give a raise to his employees to keep their mouths shut…and everyone profits…as long as the show goes on…as long as the hotel keeps humming. All those beach bums selling necklaces and Coca-Cola to tourists won’t say anything either, even though they witnessed the whole thing. Because if they scared everyone, then there wouldn’t be anyone around to buy their goods and beverages.

If a man sells rice for a living, and then suddenly a virus came through the fields and poisoned all the grain…..that man will still sell his rice and say it came from his brother’s fields in Sri Lanka. — Suzy Kassem